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2017 Legal Salary Guide

The cover of the 2017 Salary Guide for Legal Professionals

Want to know lawyer salary ranges or law clerk salary levels in your area?:

  • Law firm positions:
    • Lawyer
    • First-Year Associate
    • Paralegal
    • Administrative/Office Manager
  • In-house positions:
    • Lawyer
    • Paralegal
    • Law Clerk
    • Legal Secretary
    • Compliance Manager

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Salary Trend Infographics

A quick peek at legal salary trends in the guide

We've got good news. Canadian legal salaries have risen over the past several years, and you can expect the trend to continue in 2017. Learn more about several of the most in-demand legal roles and the starting salary range for each.

Legal salary and hiring trends in Toronto

Positions in demand

  • Real Estate Law Clerk
  • Litigation Law Clerk
  • Compliance Law Clerk

Fastest-growing industries

  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate/Property Management
  • Professional Services



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Hiring Trends


2017 hiring and compensation trends for the legal field

Check out this quick slideshow on legal salary trends.