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How much should you and your team members earn? What are the hot jobs and skills in Canada right now? Get answers to these questions and more with the all-new 2017 Robert Half Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance.

Download our authoritative Salary Guide now to see salaries for hundreds of financial roles nationwide, plus the hiring and job trends you must know about. Our Salary Guide features up-to-date, real-world information, including:

Salary ranges for more than 175 positions across Canada

  • An overview of the current hiring environment and emerging trends
  • Locations where the hottest jobs will be in 2017
  • The most in-demand professional skills and designations

The number and variety of positions and level of detail in the Salary Guide that Robert Half provides suggests much closer relationships with a larger clientele across several sectors, in addition to more in-depth studies of today's more complex work forces.
Rodger E., large retail enterprise.

It feels more accurate than other resources we use. The annual update makes me feel like I can trust the data.

Annette T., midsize retail enterprise

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