Behind the Scenes

Sometimes it's easier to explain how to do something right by showing how it shouldn't be done. That's why Robert Half created the Don't Let This Happen to You video series. With these videos, you can see the types of mistakes that could derail your job search or career progression – seriously.

In addition, this site includes resources to help job seekers put their best foot forward. And we've collected materials hiring managers can use to find the right hire.

The Don't Let This Happen to You video series also allows us to give up-and-coming filmmakers a chance to display their talents. All of the videos in the series were created with Tongal, a video crowdsourcing community. Tongal approaches crowdsourcing as a contest, where writers, video producers and other creative professionals compete to produce the best videos. Winners are rewarded with a cash prize.

Our videos were created by these talented professionals:

Career Coaching Gone Awry Videos

  • "Micromanaged" – Andrew Adams
  • "The Coach" – SnapBrothers Productions
  • "Bad Gym Coaching" – Fcr Creations
  • "The Office Coach" – David Edwards
  • "Reality Bites" – Marcus Thomas
  • "The Quarterly Report" – SnapBrothers Productions
  • "The Shepherd and Her Flock" – Sam Stucky

Office Politics Blunders Videos

  • "I Did It" – Fcr Creations
  • "The Promotion" – Evan Boudreau-Soucy
  • ​"Office Attack Ad" – Ryan Guthrie
  • "The Campaign" – SnapBrothers Productions
  • "The Self-Promoter" – Jesse Pattison

Salary Negotiation Blunder Videos

  • "Sound Advice" – Samy Mosher
  • ​"How Can I Get a Raise?" – SnapBrothers Productions
  • "Pick up the Phone" – Jordan Shipley
  • "Taco 'Bout Negotiation" – Drew Boylan
  • "Mother" – Neil Hiatt
  • "Please Give Me a Raise!" – Chris McGuire
  • "Awkward Serenade" – Toni Fleming
  • "Just Call!" – Fcr Creations

Etiquette Blunder Videos

  • "The Cupcake Caper" – Ryan Risley
  • ​"1 Week" – Voops Productions
  • "Pookie Bear" – Kevin Almodovar
  • ​"Conference Call" – Voops Productions
  • "The Great Cake Caper" – Michael Tubbs
  • ​"Facebook Reality" – Greg Gant
  • ​"Office Faux Pas" – Chris McGuire
  • "Don't Eat Me" – John Bruckelmeyer
  • "Different Reality" – Robby Devroy
  • "The Supervisor's Cupcake" – SnapBrothers Productions

Interview Blunder Videos

  • "Interview, Interview" – Voops Productions
  • "In It to Win It" – Yoych Productions
  • "Mime's the Word" – Kevin Almodovar

​Look for new entries in the Don't Let This Happen to You series throughout the coming months. Visit for more information about the video producers and details about our upcoming contests.Watch the videos.