The Quest for IT Talent: Try Technology Staffing Services

Services de placement en technologie

 As businesses strive to keep up with technological innovations, they are investing in customized software, IT security, robust websites and social media. But finding the specialized talent needed to execute and maintain these initiatives is often challenging. For this reason, companies of all sizes are taking advantage of technology staffing services.

Technology staffing services are variously (and often interchangeably) called technology staffing firms, technology employment agencies, technology recruiters, search firms and more, but they all fulfill the same basic function: They find job candidates for client firms. This does not mean that all of these firms are alike, however. Their ability to help you can vary widely, and you need to thoroughly vet a recruiting firm before making your choice.

How can technology staffing services help your company? Here are a few examples:

  • Specialized assistance Your budget may not allow you to hire a database architect or a systems integration specialist as a full-time employee, but you know one thing for certain: your organization needs immediate help designing and implementing a new system. Specialized technology staffing services can help you locate even the most hard-to-find project professionals. The best firms have hundreds or thousands of pre-evaluated, skills-tested individuals who are available to work right away.
  • Bringing on a team for strategic initiatives. Rather than hiring full-time employees for major migrations or wholesale business system changes, technology staffing services can supply entire teams of professionals who have the knowledge and tools needed to do this type of work.
  • Enterprise resource planning ERP implementation is an investment in productivity and growth. Technology staffing services can take care of enterprise application integration, strategic planning, QA testing, user experience testing and more.
  • Looking for a “unicorn” Sometimes a systems migration or web redesign project requires that special someone who knows the inner workings of a soon-to-be-obsolete technology and also has a good grasp on emerging tools and standards. A web interface developer, for example, might have earned stripes during the browser wars of the '90s and have a deep and esoteric knowledge of interface design and many JavaScript hacks learned the hard way. Technology staffing services tend to shine in such seemingly impossible quests because they maintain deep networks of well-informed sysops engineers, coders and many types of analysts (business, functional, quality, etc.).

When you need to find a firm to work with, look for one that offers a range of services and has experience in your industry. Most of all, you need a staffing agency that understands your business thoroughly.

You should also look at whether the recruiters and staffing managers stay abreast of IT recruiting trends. Not all staffing firms conduct detailed research to understand which jobs are most in demand, why they're in demand and how to make the best offer to highly sought candidates.

Whether you are the CEO of a small company, a human resources manager in a midsize firm or an IT team leader in a large corporation, professional technology staffing services can help map out a solution for your short- or long-term IT staffing needs.