6 Ways IT Staffing Agencies Can Help You Fill Help Desk Jobs

Help desk managers have a lot on their plates, whether it's keeping up with evolving technology demands or managing heavy workloads. Not to mention finding the best help desk professionals in such a competitive environment.

In fact, 63 percent of U.S. CIOs said it's challenging to find skilled IT professionals today, according to the recent Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trend Report. CIOs also said help desk / technical support was one of the three toughest areas to find skilled talent.

Sometimes, help desk managers could use a little help of their own. Experienced IT staffing agencies can give you a competitive edge in securing the best help desk and desktop support talent, while also saving you time and money. Here are six reasons why you should work with one:

  1. Fill your ever-changing candidate requirements. Help desk skill sets are constantly evolving. According to a joint Robert Half Technology and HDI report, trends including mobility, BYOD and demand for 24-hour tech support are impacting help desks at many firms. The best tech recruiters are up-to-date on these changes, and often know the help desk skills you need before you do.
  2. Find the best fit for your firm. When you post a help desk job online, often just a few responders are actually qualified. Of those, you have to find someone who is not just a strong technical fit, but also a cultural one. "A good cultural fit is particularly important for help desk candidates, who are representing a firm to its customers; whether they are external or internal," said Christina Martinez, Robert Half Technology recruiter based in San Francisco. "Our interview process screens for technical and cultural fits, so you get the best candidates."
  3. Get top talent – fast. According to research conducted for our 2012 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide, it takes an average of five weeks to fill staff-level positions and seven weeks to fill management-level jobs. A top tech recruiter can identify candidates you might not otherwise meet quickly. And they often have access to highly skilled individuals who may not be actively looking for a new opportunity.
  4. Get exactly what you need. Reorganizing your help desk to support more personal devices? Shifting your systems for addressing customer issues? Whatever the case, IT staffing agencies can help you determine which help desk professionals meet your particular needs and optimal staffing mix – whether it's full-time, temporary or a blend of both.
  5. Save time. Companies often receive hundreds of resumes in response to job ads, and it's time-consuming to go through them. "Reviewing resumes to locate the best candidates is another full-time job," said Martinez. "IT staffing agencies save you time by honing in on the best matches for your firm's position." And Robert Half Technology offers additional time-savers like our Company–In recruitment process.
  6. Save money. Making a bad hire is expensive: Not only do you spend time and money training someone who isn't a fit for the job, but then you have to start another candidate search. IT staffing agencies can save you money by locating the candidates who are a great match from the start.

Interested in working with an IT staffing agency, or have questions about the process? You can learn more about Robert Half Technology's services, or by calling 866-572-3501.