5 Technology Staffing Resources to Help You Find the Right IT Pro

Ressources de recrutement en technologie

You need to expand your IT team. You've nailed down the job description for the role you want to fill. Now, you're wondering how to get the word out that your organization is hiring, while ensuring you attract only qualified applicants.

Whether filling a project or full-time position, you can cut down on some of the headaches that come with hiring by taking advantage of available technology staffing resources.

Here are five of the top tools for finding your company's next IT expert:

1. Your professional network

Let your contacts know you're on the hunt for technology talent. Just make sure you go for quality over quantity: Whether you're looking for a web administrator or database manager, reach out to contacts with experience or connections in those areas. You don't want to waste time interviewing an unqualified candidate out of courtesy because someone in your network recommended a friend who "knows computers" and is looking for a job.

2. Job boards

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it's still worth mentioning: Job boards – especially those like Indeed.ca or the Mashable Job Board that focus on technology – can be valuable resources for connecting with talented professionals. Be warned, though: Even if you create a compelling job posting, it could easily get lost in the crowd. You're also bound to receive plenty of resumes from job seekers who are enthusiastic but don't meet your specific criteria.

3. Social media

You can connect to skilled IT talent directly (or by introduction) through sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. These sites allow you to alert your network about open positions, send personalized messages to potential candidates, and join and participate in niche groups – for example, "Programmers and Developers." Through LinkedIn, you also can post and manage available jobs and search for candidates with the particular tech skills you need.

4. Professional associations

Professional associations like CIPS provide an environment for tech professionals to gather and share their expertise. Use these industry-specific events and meetings to your advantage. You may meet and snag that perfect fit thanks to your involvement in an association.

5. Staffing agencies

While the Internet has certainly made some aspects of the candidate search easier, don't discount the human element in the process. Working with an established technology staffing agency can help to ensure you connect with candidates whose skill sets and work style will fit your team and organization – and that's just scratching the surface. Access to sought-after tech experts? In-depth industry knowledge? Perfect-fit candidates available to start work right away? A staffing agency that truly focuses on IT candidates should be able to deliver all of these.

While any of the above technology staffing resources can make finding the right person easier, pursuing a single avenue in your candidate search is usually not enough. In particular, supplementing your other efforts by working with a staffing agency can help you to cover more ground. Professional recruiters will take time to understand what you need in an IT candidate and use those details – and some of the resources mentioned above – to find a match for your opening.