4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Technology Staffing Agencies

agences de placement en technologie

 You want to hire top technology talent for your small or midsize firm, but you lack dedicated human resources staff to help you find skilled professionals. Working with technology staffing agencies can help make your candidate search easier – provided you choose a firm that can address your specific IT hiring needs.

Whether you call them staffing agencies, recruiters, employment agencies or staffing firms, they all fulfil the same basic function: They find job candidates for client firms for a fee. Yes, they cost money, but if you know how to maximize their services, staffing agencies can more than pay for themselves.

Here are four tips to help you maximize the services and resources of technology staffing agencies:

1. Look for industry expertise

When looking for IT talent, you'll be best served by working with well-established and reputable technology staffing agencies that specialize in placing skilled technology professionals. It's often the case that staffing experts at these firms have worked in technology and held positions similar to those they recruit for. They have the type of "insider" industry knowledge and expertise that can help them ensure candidates and employers are well-matched.

2. Work with your agency to determine your company's needs

Decide which technology roles you should fill first, based on your organization's most pressing business needs. The best technology staffing agencies can work with you to determine the best staffing strategy for your organization and whether it makes the most sense to hire full-time employees, engage IT project professionals or both.

3. Make sure cultural fit is a consideration

Verifying a candidate's technical skills is only part of the equation when hiring tech talent. You also need to ensure that the professional will be able to succeed in your organization's unique work culture. Reputable technology staffing agencies will take cultural fit into account to ensure you're connected with the most suitable candidates.

4. Choose a firm that helps candidates grow

To ensure candidates have all the skills they need to succeed, some large technology staffing agencies offer career resources, including training opportunities. Some provide a variety of online training courses, as well as webinars.

Without a human resources department or an individual dedicated to ongoing employee recruitment, the search for new employees typically falls to already overstretched managers or to the business owners themselves. By taking time to evaluate technology staffing agencies, you'll be more likely to find a staffing partner you can count on to streamline the hiring process and help you avoid the costs of a bad hire.