4 Technology Staffing Solutions

Solutions de recrutement en technologie

Is your tech to-do list out of control? If so, it's time to re-evaluate your current staffing strategy. To ensure you choose the best technology staffing solutions for your business, don't rush to hire; take time to assess your needs first. Here are four questions to consider:

1. What technical skills do we need?

If your IT team lacks certain skills or experience, you’re not able to innovate fast enough, which means you could lose market share to competitors. To determine which gaps you need to fill, assess your business focus.

Are you a retail business that needs a professional with e-commerce experience? Are you in manufacturing with a need for someone who can read and write machine code? Are you a medical facility that needs someone who can help implement an electronic health records system? Or maybe you need skilled professionals to staff your technical help desk because current employees are getting bogged down.

Once you identify the necessary technical skills, you can identify appropriate technology staffing solutions. Perhaps additional training for current staff is the answer. Or maybe it's possible to move current staff members around so their skills better align with the needs of the business.

2. What about soft skills?

If you do decide you need to bring in a new worker, look beyond hard skills. Soft skills such as critical thinking, communication abilities and leadership are increasingly important for technology professionals to possess. What soft skills would make a candidate a good match for the culture of your office? If the role will be client-facing, soft skills such as empathy, tact and diplomacy become even more important.

3. Should we hire from within or seek an external candidate?

Whether you're filling a vacant position or creating a new one, hiring from within often takes less time and can help boost staff morale because existing staff members can see that hard work and dedication are rewarded. The training period for an internal hire is usually shorter as well.

If you need skills your current staff lacks, however, you'll want to look externally. Not feeling up to recruiting on your own? You're not alone. Finding skilled professionals is a challenge. Turning the task over to a firm with expertise in technology staffing solutions can help to expedite your candidate search.

4. Do we need short-term, contract or long-term technology staffing solutions?

If you need more help because of sustained company growth, hiring a full-time employee is likely the best option. A temporary staffing solution may be the answer if you need a new website and your current web developer is already juggling multiple projects. The same is true if you're experiencing a seasonal spike in workload, an employee is on a leave of absence or you simply don't have the budget to hire full time.

Staffing experts who specialize in placing IT professionals can help you assess your needs and find technology staffing solutions to help you meet your business goals. Building a relationship with a reputable staffing firm is a key part of being prepared for the future, no matter what business demands it brings.