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2017 Technology Salary Guide

The cover of the 2017 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals

Want to know more about technology salaries in your location? Get the information you need here. Our 2017 Salary Guide gives you:

  • Salary data for more than 75 IT jobs
  • Current hiring trends
  • The hottest technology jobs and specialty areas
  • The skills now in demand

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Regional Trends

Fastest-growing industries and in-demand IT jobs from the 2017 Technology Salary Guide


Salary Trends for IT Jobs

2017 hiring and compensation trends

See our slideshow on salary and hiring trends in technology roles.


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Salary Negotiation

Getting accurate tech salary figures can be more challenging than writing code. That’s why the 2017 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide is such a valuable resource. We’ve been tracking IT salary data for years, and we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Watch this quick video to learn why our technology Salary Guide should be your go-to resource for salary negotiations, budget planning and all other compensation questions.


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