Survey: Securing Hard-To-Find Tech Talent Comes Down to a Mix of Higher Salaries, Referrals, Recruiters and Project Professionals

Security Tops List of 7 Roles That Take the Longest to Hire

Toronto, ON — When recruiting gets tough, Canadian tech leaders are pulling out all the stops, according to new research from Robert Half Technology. When presented with a range of recruitment strategies, IT decision makers said they are likely to try them all in order to land the best talent for their teams. These strategies include offering more pay, tapping their network, using recruiters and bringing on interim project professionals. 


Technology leaders were asked, “Which of the following are you willing to do when you face challenges filling an open full-time role?” Below are the top four responses along with advice from Robert Half Technology on how to maximize each strategy. View the full list in this infographic.




Robert Half Technology says…

Increase the salary/compensation package


Ensuring compensation levels match or, possibly, slightly edge over local market rates, is imperative when bringing on tech talent. Use a reference, such as the 2019 Robert Half Technology Salary Guide, in order to ensure your competition isn’t beating you to talent due to underestimating compensation rates.

Reach out to my network for referrals


“It’s who you know,” is not just for landing a job anymore. Reaching out to your network for referrals is a great way to gain access to potential candidates who may or may not actively be looking for a new position. Use your social and professional channels or participate in meet-up groups and industry events to get the word out about your hiring needs.

Work with a specialized recruiter


Specialized recruiters may have access to an untapped candidate pool and can help streamline the requirements of open roles. This may even get talent in front of you that you may not have otherwise seen or considered if you were recruiting on your own.

Hire a freelancer/contractor until you're able to fill the role


Project professionals can be extremely helpful to keeping productivity up and ensuring timely deliverables, especially when teams are spread thin. Consultants are task-oriented and success driven, so they’ll be able to hit the ground running in order to accomplish what needs to be done. 

*Multiple responses permitted. Top response shown.


Toughest IT Positions to Staff

Safety of company and customer information is a top priority for technology leaders, so data security professionals are often in high demand. And according to the research, they’re also the hardest to hire for. When asked which technology roles generally take the longest to staff, IT leaders ranked the specialties as follows:


  1. Security
  2. Software development
  3. Data analytics
  4. Project management
  5. Networking
  6. Help desk/support
  7. Mobile


“In today’s tight IT hiring environment, it’s crucial that tech leaders approach recruiting with creativity and flexibility in order to engage talented candidates that can help their business stay both secure and competitive,” said Deborah Bottineau, district director for Robert Half Technology. “Multifaceted hiring strategies that make use of external recruiting networks and offer adaptable compensation packages to meet evolving professional needs and preferences are key to attracting, and quickly securing, top talent.”


Survey Methodology

The online survey was developed by Robert Half Technology and conducted by a leading independent research firm. The report is based on responses from more than 270 senior managers in Canada. All respondents were screened to have hiring authority for the information systems or information technology department of a company.


About Robert Half Technology

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