Survey: Recent Work History Top Factor For Hiring Managers When Evaluating Tech Candidates In Canada

Toronto, ON  Job applicants’ latest work experience carries greater weight than other factors for many IT hiring managers in Canada, according to new research from staffing firm Robert Half Technology. Even entry-level candidates should have at least some prior work experience, results show, while success on past project was also an important factor for both entry-level and mid- and senior-level positions.


IT hiring managers were asked to rank the factors that carry the most importance when evaluating entry-level and mid-or manager-level candidates’ resumes. Their responses:


Entry-level candidates

Mid- or manager-level candidates

  1. Most current work experience
  1. Most current work experience
  1. Past projects and successes
  1. Past projects and success
  1. Relevant certifications
  1. Years in industry
  1. Educational background
  1. Educational background
  1. Tech hobbies (website/app development, video game playing/development, etc.)
  1. Relevant certifications


While strong business and interpersonal skills continue to be necessary for technology professionals, nearly two-thirds (62 per cent) of IT managers say technical skills carried a somewhat or far greater weight than non-technical skills; 30 per cent cite an even split between the importance of technical and non-technical skills.


“A resume often gives only a partial picture of a candidate’s full capabilities,” said Deborah Bottineau, district director for Robert Half Technology. “While some technical expertise should remain a focus, IT hiring managers can’t underestimate the value skills like adaptability, communication and problem-solving, bring to their teams. Flexible hiring requirements that evaluate soft skills ― which are much harder to train for ― alongside technical expertise, will ensure great potential employees aren’t overlooked.” 


“Applicants with limited job history, like recent grads or those new to the tech industry, should look to highlight successes in other areas, including internships, side projects and continuing education programs, in order to stand out,” added Bottineau. “When preparing application materials, or for an in-person interview, keep in mind that managers are drawn to candidates who demonstrate a willingness to learn, desire to take on new challenges and enthusiasm for the role and the company.”


For some examples of interview questions that can help best evaluate a candidate during the interview process, visit the Robert Half Blog.  


About the Research

The online survey was developed by Robert Half Technology and conducted by an independent research firm. It includes responses from more than 270 IT decision makers in Canada. All IT respondents were screened to have hiring authority for the information systems or information technology department of a company.


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