Survey: Nearly One-Third of Workers in Canada Lose Interest in Job Offer if Employer Won't Negotiate Beyond Salary

Toronto, ON — Hiring in-demand job candidates often requires sweetening the pot with nonmonetary perks, and new research from global staffing firm Robert Half confirms it. Thirty-two per cent of workers surveyed in Canada admitted they’ve lost interest in a position when the company wasn’t willing to negotiate elements beyond salary. Robert Half also surveyed finance executives on the topic, and nearly all (99 per cent) said their companies are open to some back-and-forth with candidates on job offers: 62 per cent are willing to talk about compensation, and many are also prepared to discuss benefits (48 per cent), professional development and training reimbursement (44 per cent) and remote work or scheduling arrangements (43 per cent).

Workers were asked, “Have you ever rejected or lost interest in a job offer because the company was unwilling to negotiate elements beyond salary (e.g., job title, perks and benefits, professional development)?” Their responses*:





I’ve never negotiated after receiving a job offer




*Responses do not total 100 per cent due to rounding. 

CFOs were asked, “In which areas, if any, are you willing to be flexible when negotiating with job candidates?” Their responses:**





Professional development and training reimbursement


Remote work or scheduling arrangements


Job title


I’m unwilling to negotiate with job candidates 


**Multiple responses were permitted. Top responses shown.

“To attract and retain the best, organizations need to understand what workers value beyond pay, and remain open and flexible when reviewing all aspects of their compensation package,” said David King, senior district president of Robert Half Finance and Accounting. “A robust offer that includes the things that matter most to employees, such as work-life balance options, competitive benefits and career advancement opportunities, is key to keeping them engaged and motivated.”

“Rather than shy away from negotiations, professionals should recognize them as an opportunity to underscore the value of their skills,” added King. “Coming prepared with talking points and a firm idea of what they want out of the discussion will help boost candidate’s confidence going in, and drive a more positive, productive conversation.”

For more advice on negotiating a job offer, visit the Robert Half blog.

About the Research
The online surveys of workers and CFOs were developed by Robert Half Finance & Accounting and conducted by independent research firms. They include responses from more than 500 workers 18 years of age or older and employed in office environments in Canada, and more than 300 CFOs in Canada at companies with 20 or more employees.

About Robert Half Finance & Accounting
Founded in 1948, Robert Half Finance & Accounting, a division of Robert Half, is the world’s first and largest specialized financial recruitment service. The company has more than 300 locations worldwide. For more information, visit         

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