Starting Salary: Negotiable or Not?

Canadian Worker Survey: Only 34% Tried to Negotiate Pay With Last Job Offer

Toronto, ON – Many job postings close with a statement indicating salary is negotiable, but how often do job seekers speak up to secure a better package? According to a survey from global staffing firm Robert Half, 34 per cent of Canadian workers tried to negotiate a higher salary with their last job offer. Workers ages 18-34 and 35-54 are more likely to negotiate salary than those 55 and older.

More than 400 workers in Canada were surveyed for the study.

Respondents were asked, “Thinking of your last job offer, did you try to negotiate for higher pay?” Their responses:








A previous study by Robert Half, Confidence Matters, revealed worker confidence levels in talking money with their employers: 34 per cent of workers surveyed felt comfortable negotiating pay in a new job, compared to 28 per cent who felt confident asking for a raise in their current role.

Greg Scileppi, president of Robert Half, International Staffing Operations, advises job seekers to use salary discussions as an opportunity to further emphasize the value of their expertise to the business. “Successful negotiation requires preparation and practice. By running through potential scenarios ahead of time and establishing a strong understanding of market pay rates for their skill-level, candidates will be better equipped to make their case, and confidently navigate the conversation.”

Hiring managers can help set the tone for positive and constructive salary negotiations, added Scileppi. “Engage job seekers with a robust compensation package that factors in local market trends, while remaining flexible enough to allow for a collaborative, realistic and productive discussion.”

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