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How much should I earn — or pay?

Law firms and corporate legal departments are adjusting the way they operate, recruit and offer services due to the COVID-19 crisis. Get a handle on changes to hiring trends and starting salary ranges for more than 40 legal positions with the 2021 Robert Half Legal Salary Guide.

What's the job worth?

Putting salary ranges in percentiles, as the guides have done since 2018, gives you the detailed data you need to determine the right offer based on a candidate's experience and skill set and demand for the role.

What does it take to land top talent?

Find out which legal specialties and practice areas are in highest demand — and have the highest salaries. Also learn how benefits have been affected due to the economic downturn and what perks might attract the most skilled professionals.

What’s impacting hiring and compensation?

We match the right candidates with great jobs every day. The placements we make help us identify the emerging hiring and compensation trends you’ll find in the Salary Guide.

Hiring or searching for jobs in other fields?

Download our other Salary Guides for more starting salary ranges and insight into recruitment trends.

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In-demand practice areas

Legal professionals with experience in the following high-demand practice areas are seeing competitive salaries – and multiple job offers.

Business and corporate law - Many larger corporate legal departments are bringing due diligence, contract review and other transactions in-house to control costs. Specifically, they require people versed in contract administration to help with the reviewing of agreements, negotiating leases and revising of contracts as required.

Labour and employment - Businesses need legal advice for employee health, safety and privacy; office reentry; workplace discrimination; and wrongful terminations, among other issues.

Commercial real estate and litigation - Lawyers with at least three years of litigation experience are sought by law firms, and legal professionals with commercial litigation, intellectual property and family law expertise are in demand. Lease administrators are needed to support commercial real estate transactions.

Privacy, data security and information law - Companies need legal professionals with data privacy knowledge who can help them navigate complex data privacy laws such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. They also seek data security experts who can help safeguard corporate assets and confidential information as more employees work remotely.

Download the guide to learn about other in-demand practice areas and use the Salary Calculator to see starting salary ranges for more than 40 legal jobs.

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