Creative and Marketing Job Descriptions

The Creative Group places a range of creative jobs including interactive, design, marketing, advertising and public relations. To help you, we've developed job descriptions for the positions we most commonly place.

Keep in mind that the job descriptions are general in nature. Contact one of The Creative Group's account managers to refine them based on your company's specific criteria and needs.

Advertising and marketing
Content development and management
Design and production
Public relations

Advertising and marketing

Account Coordinator

Provides support to account services department. Duties may include researching new business opportunities, tracking projects and assisting managers with day-to-day administrative tasks. Strong communication and listening skills are required. An advertising or marketing background is preferred.

Account Director

Serves as an advertising agency leader for achieving the client's strategic brand objectives. Works closely with the client to establish strategies and with the internal team to execute those strategies. Must possess strong teamwork, problem-solving, interpersonal, and verbal and written communication skills. A bachelor's degree and seven or more years of work experience in an advertising environment are required.

Account Executive

Serves as day-to-day liaison with clients to ensure client satisfaction. Responsible for successful and timely completion of projects ranging from new product launches to print, web, mobile, television and radio advertisements. Helps existing clients develop advertising strategies and may be responsible for acquiring new accounts. Excellent interpersonal, customer service and organizational skills are required.

Account Manager

Plans, coordinates, directs and implements advertising campaigns. Confers with management to assess advertising needs, determine goals and establish annual budgets. Manages creative and production teams to develop advertising strategies, including selecting media vehicles, determining timing and placement of materials, and estimating costs. Ensures that campaign strategies are implemented on time and within budget, and adjusts or redirects strategies as needed. May supervise account executives. Requires excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Account Supervisor

Guides internal teams to meet client goals. Develops, recommends and presents strategic solutions that build brand equity and deliver measurable results for the client. Other duties include serving as the liaison between the client and the agency's creative, account and project management teams; ensuring that financial aspects of the account are managed according to agency procedures; and engaging in new business development, including expansion within existing clients.

Brand/Product Manager

Plans, develops and implements brand strategies and marketing programs for a particular business or product. Duties include providing branding direction, developing and executing brand marketing programs, reviewing market research to anticipate competitive and industry trends, and translating consumer attitudes into new branding directions. Coordinates sales, pricing, product supply and product development to meet strategic objectives. Consults with development and design teams about market requirements and product features. Requires communication, leadership, team-building and analytical skills.

Chief Marketing Officer

Leads a company's day-to-day marketing operations. May also be in charge of sales, product management, partnership marketing, customer service, customer retention and other functions. Reviews and coordinates marketing budgets, campaigns and vendor contracts to meet organizational goals. Must be knowledgeable of multiple specialized disciplines – both analytical and creative – including production, legal, financial and information technology. Requires excellent leadership, organizational and communication skills.

Digital Community Manager

Acts as a frontline brand manager by interacting with customers and fans on various web platforms to foster a sense of community involvement. Duties may include initiating, moderating and monitoring live online conversations; creating or editing online content; sparking discussion on various social networking sites; and reporting usage data. Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential. Web analytics experience also may be required.

Digital Marketing Manager

Develops, implements and manages marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products or services. The digital marketing manager plays a key role in enhancing brand awareness within the digital space, as well as driving website traffic, leads and sales.

Digital Project Manager

Oversees and measures the results of online projects, including website builds and advertising campaigns. The digital project manager coordinates the efforts of internal teams to ensure all tasks and deliverables are completed in an accurate and timely manner.

Digital Strategist

Identifies digital marketing strategies and campaigns for meeting a company’s or client’s goals. The digital strategist uses web-based tools to conduct market research, define target audiences and determine the appropriate digital media channels for different brand messages.

E-Commerce Marketing Manager

Develops and implements plans to achieve online marketing and sales goals. Helps define e-commerce objectives and strategies. Develops project budgets, monitors costs and provides status reports to leadership. Works with technical staff to improve customers' online experience. May lead or participate in search engine optimization/search engine marketing efforts and use web analytics software to gain insight into user behaviors. Requires ability to translate quantitative information into creative strategies.

Email Marketing Specialist

Runs email campaigns that inform consumers and business partners of new products and services or company announcements. Responsible for managing and segmenting contact lists using marketing automation software such as Marketo and Act-On, crafting email copy, and handling customer feedback. Also analyzes results and develops testing plans to continuously improve email performance. Must have strong copywriting skills and be proficient in CSS and HTML. Experience using web analytics tools such as Google Analytics is a plus.

Event/Trade Show Coordinator

Assists the trade show manager in organizing trade shows or events. Duties are similar to those of an event/trade show manager.

Event/Trade Show Manager

Plans and manages events or trade shows for an organization. May work with vendors as well as corporate marketing and public relations departments to ensure successful participation in promotions. Duties include identifying event locations, negotiating rates, developing budgets for functions, acquiring event permits, securing speakers, gathering products for display and promotional giveaways, coordinating event staffing, overseeing setup and tear-down of demonstration booths, ensuring availability of equipment and supplies, booking hotel or conference rooms, and coordinating activities. Requires excellent organizational skills and previous event planning experience.

MarCom Coordinator

Contributes to overall branding efforts by assisting with the execution of marketing and communications strategies, in addition to tracking campaign results. Duties include researching target audiences, coordinating events and writing promotional materials. Requires strong communication skills.

MarCom Manager

Develops marketing and promotional communications strategy and materials for a company or product, and ensures marketing programs align with public relations activities. Assists in preparation of long- and short-term marketing plans, pricing policies and budgets. May supervise MarCom coordinators. Requires advertising and publishing knowledge, as well as strong writing and analytical skills.

Marketing Analytics Manager
Provides data-driven insights to various stakeholders through operational reporting dashboards. The marketing analytics manager leverages data from marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software to help companies improve processes and meet business goals.

Marketing Analytics Specialist

Develops models and reports to optimize a company's or client's marketing matrix. Additional duties include employing data analysis to provide insight into consumer behaviors and identifying opportunities to maximize optimal campaign outcomes.

Marketing Director

Directs market messaging activities and supervises marketing staff. Requirements include all of those listed for marketing/communications manager but with more extensive work experience within each function. Requires excellent communication, analytical and managerial skills; an MBA degree is preferred.

Market Researcher

Conducts research to determine the level of demand for a product or service. Uses a wide variety of research techniques, including conducting surveys, one-on-one interviews and focus groups to help guide brand strategy. Duties include analyzing a company's demographics, monitoring its competitors, and issuing findings in detailed reports or presentations. Typically works closely with brand/product managers to help assess customer needs and new product opportunities. Requires strong analytical, writing and presentation skills. A marketing background and understanding of data analysis software are essential; an MBA degree is a plus.

Media Buyer

Negotiates with media sales representatives to buy and place advertising, calculates rates and budgets, and ensures that ads run as specified. Also helps identify media placements that enable a company or client to communicate its message to target audiences in the most effective and cost-efficient manner. Collaborates with account managers, media planners, and design and production personnel. Requires strong analytical and negotiation skills.

Media Director

Develops, presents and implements overall media-buying plans based on strategic research and demographic analysis. Determines which mix of newspaper, magazine, online, TV and radio station ad placements will provide maximum impact for a company or client. Duties include those listed for media planner but require more extensive work experience in each function. Oversees and directs media planners. Should possess at least 10 years of media experience and excellent interpersonal, budgeting and presentation skills.

Media Planner

Works with client and account teams to develop objectives and strategies for media buys and to determine the mix of advertising outlets used for campaigns. Creates and implements a plan to meet strategic media-related objectives within an established budget. Tracks, analyzes and interprets results of advertising expenditures. Requires strong research and analytical skills.

SEO/SEM Specialist
Formalizes search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) strategies and tactics, and helps lead the technology team in their implementation efforts across all websites and brand extensions. Works closely with marketing and product development teams, as well as agency partners, and serves as a functional expert for inbound linking strategies. Must have in-depth knowledge of SEO and online media.

Social Media Manager

Implements an organization’s social media strategy, developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic and encouraging product adoption. Reports on the progress of applying various social media tactics using a variety of digital analytics and media tracking tools. Also coordinates activities with internal marketing and public relations teams to support their respective missions, ensuring consistency in voice and cultivating an engaged social media community. Strong project management and organizational skills and deep knowledge of social media platforms are required.

Social Media Specialist

Identifies, evaluates, selects and monitors the most relevant social media channels for an organization. Also creates and maintains an up-to-date social media plan and moderates and oversees an organization's presence on social media sites. Additional duties may include collecting, analyzing and reporting on social media metrics to drive greater audience engagement and researching current and emerging social media trends to find new opportunities for business growth. Requires strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability to manage multiple projects at once.

Vice President of Marketing

Oversees development of marketing strategies and execution of business plans, including definition of new markets, branding initiatives and pricing. Manages product development processes and maximizes revenue sources. Leads and directs marketing team, and may report directly to the chief marketing officer or chief executive officer. Ten years of marketing experience and five years of management experience are preferred; an MBA degree may be required.

Web Analytics Specialist

Analyzes a website's key performance metrics and competitive trending. Creates forecasts, as well as operational and statistical tools and models. Other duties may include directing queries and analyzing databases and logs to produce daily, weekly and monthly reports. Makes recommendations regarding process improvements and helps develop utilization performance policies and procedures. May participate in preparation of surveys, requests for proposals or approval, and client discussions regarding project status. Often requires proficiency with specific web analytics software.

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Content development and management

Content Manager

Leads the copy development process through the various content creation and review phases of online projects, and ensures all online copy is strategically sound, brand-appropriate, search engine optimized and aligned with the company's overall creative approach. Knowledge of content management systems is often required.

Content Strategist

Devises a content strategy based on the business objectives of a company or client and the needs of a customer or end user. The content strategist oversees content requirements and creates content strategy deliverables for digital marketing channels.

Copy Editor

Edits copy to correct errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax. Polishes and rewrites copy as necessary to clarify meaning or conform to style guidelines and editorial policies. May also verify facts and write headlines or captions. Requires an eye for detail and expert knowledge of grammar and style. Often requires proficiency with traditional proofreaders' marks as well as the editing functions of Acrobat, Word or other software.


Composes clear, concise and grammatically correct copy utilizing different writing styles that appeal to various target markets. Drives the creation of original concepts that result in effective and compelling communication. Also develops and maintains a clear and consistent brand voice, adhering to commonly used style guides. Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and be self-motivated and well-organized. Creativity, attention to detail, adaptability and marketing knowledge are also required. Bilingual skills are valued, and experience with web markup languages and SEO is a big plus.

Interactive/Web Content Writer

Writes clear and compelling website content, including articles, product descriptions, online advertisements, promotional copy, e-newsletters, blogs post and podcast scripts. Edits and repurposes existing print copy for the Web, and plans and crafts email marketing campaigns. Requires strong writing and editing skills. HTML and search engine optimization skills are a plus.


Edits copy to ensure proper grammar, spelling and style. Requires an eye for detail and thorough knowledge of grammatical and stylistic concepts. Often requires proficiency with traditional proofreaders' marks as well as the editing functions of Acrobat, Word or other software.

Proposal Specialist

Coordinates the development, completion and submission of responses to request for proposals (RPFs) with minimum supervision and under strict deadlines. Collaborates with internal departments to develop proposal content that is high quality, accurate and in accordance with RFP requirements, while effectively communicating company capabilities, policies, products and services.

Technical Writer
Prepares content for manuals, journal articles and other publications to communicate complex and technical information more easily, often using visual elements like diagrams, drawings and charts. Must have strong writing, research and analytical skills. A bachelor’s degree in English, communications or journalism may be required, as well as knowledge of the technical topic at hand.

Web Content Coordinator
Produces content for an organization’s website and works with the web team to upload and maintain it. Must have knowledge of content management systems, search engine optimization and basic coding. Strong writing and editing skills are required.

Web Content Manager
Oversees the content that appears on an organization’s website. Collaborates with creative and web teams to develop content that is brand-appropriate and search engine optimized. May also monitor a website’s traffic and search engine rankings. Must have knowledge of content management systems. Basic coding skills may be required.

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Design and production

3D Animator

Designs and animates 3D characters and objects for games, video, presentations and other creations. Works with designers and developers to ensure that 3D animations meet technical and stylistic requirements. May also participate in overall story development or game design. Must be proficient with 3D modeling software such as 3ds Max, LightWave 3D and Maya, as well as common graphic design software. May require a demo reel or shipped title.

3D Modeler

Uses specialized software to build mathematical models that can be used to create 3D objects and environments for a wide range of uses, from games to industrial or architectural applications. Typically requires technical expertise in multiple 3D modeling techniques, as well as the ability to collaborate closely with other team members. Must be proficient with 3D modeling software such as 3ds Max, LightWave 3D, Maya and ZBrush. A portfolio is typically required.

Art Director

Oversees the artistic development of marketing and promotional pieces, including print, online, mobile, television and radio advertisements; collateral materials; and internal and external corporate publications. Supervises team of designers, photographers, illustrators, production artists and creative freelancers. Within an agency, the art director collaborates with senior-level copywriters to develop strategies for advertising campaigns, and often specializes in a particular area, such as print advertising or broadcast. Must have strong leadership skills, a design background and proficiency with applications such as Adobe Creative Suite. Five to eight years of related experience may be required.

Creative Director

Guides all creative projects and is responsible for the overall quality of work produced by the creative department. Manages projects from concept to completion and translates marketing objectives into creative strategies. Leads and directs the creative staff in the production of all advertising and marketing collateral, and ensures that visual communication standards are met across various media. Meets with clients or upper management to explain campaign strategies and solutions. A strong design or copywriting background is preferred. May require five to eight years of experience, as well as advanced leadership, communication, project management and problem-solving skills.

Creative Services Manager

Serves as the liaison between senior management and the creative department, and often reports directly to the creative director. Duties include assigning teams to projects, ensuring deadlines are met, and maintaining an efficient and engaging work environment for creative personnel. Requires a thorough understanding of creative briefs and digital asset libraries; expert knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite software; strong communication, project management and problem-solving skills; and the ability to establish and maintain solid relationships with staff members.

Desktop Publisher/Layout Artist
Uses computer software to create page layouts for printed materials, such as books, newspapers, brochures and advertisements. Additional duties include consulting with clients to evaluate project needs, preparing cost and time estimates for projects, and reviewing print proofs to ensure quality control. Requires knowledge of desktop publishing software and design principles and tools.

Digital Asset Manager
Leads the overall strategy and workflow of a digital asset management system. Additional responsibilities include developing and assigning metadata for and performing ongoing audits of digital assets, as well as overseeing daily use of a digital asset library. Must have strong communication and multitasking skills. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite software is preferred.

Environmental Designer
Creates 3D designs of physical spaces, often in combination with urban planning, architectural design or interior design. Responsibilities may include presenting design solutions and putting together client presentations. Must have an eye for detail and be proficient in 2D/3D, Adobe Creative Suite and presentation software. Experience with AutoCAD and 3ds Max is a plus.

Graphic Designer

Develops or acquires images used in a variety of creative projects (for example, ads, brochures, corporate identity, packaging, presentations, promotional displays, signage and websites) and oversees the design, layout and formatting of these materials. Must possess a strong sense of concept development, in addition to communication, collaboration, research, problem-solving and presentation skills. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite is typically required. Web design skills are a plus.

Illustrator/Infographics Designer

Conceptualizes, paints and draws images used in a variety of materials and publications, and/or creates infographics that translate complex concepts and information into simplified, compelling visuals. Requires strong design and artistic skills, as well as the ability to analyze and clearly express data. May require knowledge of software applications such as Adobe Creative Suite.

Instructional (Systems) Designer
Creates instructional graphics, web pages and user interfaces for a variety of training products. May also conduct needs assessments and help develop various learning solutions, including instructor-led or self-paced computer courses. Requires strong design, writing, research and project management skills.

Multimedia Designer

Develops and produces multimedia for electronic and interactive communication on the Web, multimedia presentations, and interactive displays and exhibits. Also collaborates with marketing and public relations teams to determine appropriate visual, textual and animated elements of projects, and prepares artwork and media for final approval and distribution. Requires experience using a variety of design tools and a high attention to detail.

Package Designer

Designs packaging such as boxes, bottles and bags for various items, including consumer products, food, beverages, clothing and cosmetics. Works with elements such as shape, color, graphics and typography to create packaging that is unique, functional and appealing to customers. Must be able to set up dielines and work with vendors to ensure files are ready for press. Knowledge of materials such as paper, plastics and other substrates is helpful. Must be proficient with Adobe Creative Suite applications and 3D software programs, and understand marketing and consumer tastes.

Photo Retoucher
Works with art and design teams to edit and enhance digital photographs. Must have experience with photo editing software and technical knowledge of digital photography. Requires an eye for detail and composition.

Captures and processes images to tell a story. Works closely with art and design teams to develop a concept, and then produces high-quality images to meet project needs and deadlines. Must be knowledgeable of photography techniques and equipment, as well as photo editing methods and software. Requires an eye for detail and strong communication and multitasking skills.

Presentation Specialist

Creates visual presentations for internal and external clients. Must be able to understand marketing strategy as well as copy/design integration; organize information effectively; and convey data through graphic elements such as charts, graphs, maps, tables and text. Requires critical thinking abilities, in addition to knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite applications and presentation programs such as PowerPoint and Keynote; multimedia skills are a plus.

Production Artist

Assists design teams in production of graphic collateral, packaging, display and advertising projects. Typical duties include preflight formatting, in addition to collecting, processing, checking and uploading files. Should be adept with software applications such as FlightCheck, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Must have solid knowledge of printing processes, keen attention to detail and troubleshooting skills.

Production Assistant
Provides support to the creative or production department. Responsibilities may include scheduling and tracking projects, handling and filing documents, and performing additional administrative tasks. Must have strong organizational, project management and communication skills, as well as knowledge of design software.

Production Coordinator

Provides logistical support to the creative or production department. Duties may include tracking and scheduling projects, filing summary reports, preflight formatting of collateral, archiving, communicating with vendors, and managing invoices. Requires advanced organizational skills and the ability to manage multiple assignments at once. Must be familiar with database, project management and design software.

Production Manager

Oversees production of a wide variety of projects. Duties include project planning, workflow management, vendor negotiation, print buying, cost control, quality control, logistical coordination and press checks. Often supervises traffic coordinators and print buyers; may manage small design studio. Requires project management skills and knowledge of design software applications.

Project Manager

Oversees production of creative collateral. Duties include maintaining client relationships, soliciting quotes and estimates, procuring products and services needed for project execution, and managing budgets and schedules. Serves as a liaison between creative staff and clients; helps resolve data processing, production and accounting challenges; and ensures customer satisfaction, quality control and timely delivery of final products. Requires strong interpersonal, problem-solving and multitasking abilities. Should be able to provide technical input and recommendations for reducing costs and improving quality. Experience with Excel and Project is often required.

Studio Manager

Responsible for the general management of a design studio. Duties include establishing internal project goals, reviewing employee schedules, assigning projects, managing resources, writing and distributing detailed project schedules, overseeing quality control, ensuring deadlines are met, and coordinating release of projects as necessary. Requires strong communication and organizational skills and an eye for detail.

Traffic Coordinator

Coordinates the scheduling, processing and routing of all market collateral such as advertising and other creative projects. Serves as a liaison between clients, outside vendors and internal departments to coordinate efficient and timely creative project processing. Responsible for developing project schedules and job estimates, maintaining workflow records, and routing projects for approval. Requires excellent organizational and multitasking skills.

Traffic Manager

Oversees the efficient flow of all market collateral and work from account services to creative and production departments. Duties include monitoring workloads, creating project schedules, maintaining job files, tracking and monitoring progress, routing projects, and conducting traffic meetings. May oversee traffic coordinators. Excellent time-management and multitasking skills, an eye for detail and previous traffic experience are required; experience with Excel and Project is preferred.

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Front-End Web Developer

Develops appealing and user-friendly web- and mobile-based applications. The front-end web developer uses a combination of markup languages to write web pages and provide website maintenance and enhancements.

Information Architect

Works with clients to help define content strategy and design features for their websites. Analyzes audiences and their needs in order to improve architecture and navigation. Creates wireframes, site maps, schematics, process maps, feature lists, mockups, visual specifications, working prototypes and other tools to describe the intended user experience. May conduct usability testing on prototypes or finished products to assess the quality of a user experience. Thorough knowledge of site design, user interface design processes and methodology, and information architecture-related software are required. An advanced degree in human computer interaction, user experience or a related field is often required.

Interaction Designer

Designs visual components for the Web and software applications. Other duties include evaluating designs based on usability and influence, creating working prototypes of customized web applications, and serving as the liaison between design and development teams. Must be proficient with Adobe Creative Suite software.

Interactive Art Director

Leads and manages a cross-functional design team in the conception, design and execution of visual materials for integrated, cross-channel initiatives. Translates business objectives into interactive creative solutions. Other responsibilities may include creating presentations and project plans, meeting with clients, and ensuring successful online representation of clients' brands, including sophisticated website design, user interface and interactive campaigns.

Interactive Producer

Oversees development and implementation of a website, coordinating efforts of third-party vendors, Internet service providers and the web team. Manages website updates and improvements through internal coordination with development teams, business owners and quality assurance teams. Additional responsibilities may include analyzing web measurement data to make recommendations and implement improvements, working closely with the design team to ensure that designs are translated into visually compelling web pages, coding and testing websites, and communicating changes to critical users, including senior management.

Mobile Designer

Collaborates with cross-functional teams to create compelling interactive experiences on mobile devices. Designs content and functionality for mobile platforms including Android, BlackBerry, HTML5 and iOS. Must have a thorough understanding of both the graphic and functional aspects of web and mobile design. Experience across multiple platforms and programming languages is often preferred. An online portfolio may be required.

Mobile Developer

Develops, builds and documents applications for mobile platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, iOS and the mobile Web. Creates prototypes to test new features or entirely new applications. May also be responsible for performance analysis and tuning, as well as ongoing maintenance and support. Must be able to communicate with designers and programmers with varying levels of expertise. Extensive programming experience in Java, Objective-C and other object-oriented languages is typically required.

Motion Designer

Creates animated and video artwork for the Web, television or film. Projects may include commercials, movie clips, stand-alone presentations, trailers, title sequences and post-production work. Should be proficient in all or some combination of After Effects, Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, Flash, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Requires

User Experience (UX) Designer

Determines the architecture and wireframes that drive how users can best interact with a product or website. The UX designer zeroes in on users’ underlying emotional and functional needs – and then helps execute on those discoveries to create an enjoyable experience that also supports business objectives.

User Experience (UX) Director

Responsible for building and managing the user experience team. Works closely with creative and technology groups to guide and document the architecture, flow and user experience of digital solutions across multiple channels.

User Experience (UX) Researcher

Undertakes research to better understand a brand’s audience and how that audience interacts with a system. The UX researcher is primarily responsible for conducting, analyzing and reporting on user-centered design research and usability testing for a company’s website.

User Interface (UI) Designer

Decides how a product or website is laid out. The UI designer works closely with user experience (UX) and other designers to ensure every touchpoint users come across in their interaction with a product conforms to the overall vision created by UX designers.

Video Designer

Designs for a variety of platforms, which may include Internet and intranet sites, games, movies, kiosks, and wearables. Creates the concepts, artwork and layouts for digital projects based on creative briefs and client meetings. Understanding of web design issues, including browser usability and cross-platform compatibility, is necessary. Requires strong design and troubleshooting skills, as well as an eye for detail. Responsive design and e-commerce skills are a plus.

Video Editor

Creates polished video by editing raw camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects. May work closely with a director to achieve the desired vision. Must be proficient with video editing software such as AfterEffects, Final Cut Pro, Media Composer, Premiere Pro or Vegas. Familiarity with other areas of production or post-production may also be required.

Video Producer

Responsible for shooting, editing and uploading original videos; scheduling, budgeting and directing video projects; maintaining creative and technical standards for video programming; and hiring and managing freelance videographers and video editors as needed. Must be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite software, Final Cut Pro and digital compression techniques.

Visual Designer

Designs for a variety of platforms, which may include internet and intranet sites, games, movies, kiosks and wearables. Creates the concepts, artwork and layout for digital projects based on creative briefs and client meetings. Understanding of web design issues, including browser usability and cross-platform compatibility, is necessary. Requires strong design and troubleshooting skills, as well as an eye for detail. Responsive design and e-commerce skills are a plus.

Web Designer

Meets with internal stakeholders or external clients to discuss objectives for internet and intranet sites and other online projects. Provides expert creative guidance on the overall look, feel and functionality of web design projects, and produces compelling artwork (including images, icons and banners) and layouts that are appealing and user-friendly. Also conducts quality assurance (QA) work to identify possible problems before launch. Must be proficient in design software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and programming languages such as HTML and JavaScript.

Web Production Artist

Prepares art for online production and incorporates content, including graphics, video, text and related links, into websites. Manages graphics and production requests, and maintains web production schedules. Must be proficient with Adobe Creative Suite and other web design software, and be familiar with file formats and optimizing graphics for the Web. Knowledge of content management systems, audio and video encoding, and web technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript, also may be required.

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Public Relations

Public Relations Director

Develops, manages and directs public relations and corporate communications activities within an organization. Works with company executives to create an overall public relations strategy, establishes and monitors the public relations budget, and supervises public relations staff to ensure implementation of initiatives. Develops relationships with media contacts and may serve as chief spokesperson for the firm. Oversees the development of internal and external publications, including annual reports, press releases, financial announcements, executive speeches and corporate newsletters. May also direct social media initiatives and be charged with mitigating potentially harmful publicity through effective crisis management. Requires seven or more years of public relations experience, as well as outstanding written and verbal communication skills; a journalism or agency background may be preferred.

Public Relations Manager

Implements and oversees strategies to enhance an organization's public image. Duties include establishing relationships with members of the media, generating positive publicity by pitching stories to media outlets, managing social media efforts, identifying key messages and communicating them to potential alliance partners and investors, and managing production of internal and external materials such as press releases, brochures, web copy, newsletters and executive presentations. Also creates internal communication network to ensure public relations staff is apprised of all new developments and achievements within an organization. Requires excellent communication skills and the ability to work well under pressure and tight deadlines; a journalism or agency background may be preferred.

Public Relations Specialist

Supports public relations activities within an organization. Duties include performing media outreach, responding to questions or requests from members of the media, participating in social media efforts and preparing copy for internal and external publications. Maintains regular contact with other departments so that all positive information about the organization is disseminated in a timely manner. May also track editorial calendars and monitor media coverage. Requires strong written and verbal communication skills and a keen eye for detail.

Vice President of Public Relations

Supervises all public relations and corporate communications activities within an organization, often reporting directly to the chief executive officer. Duties include those listed for public relations director but stronger work experience within each function is needed. Requires 10 or more years of public relations experience, as well as exceptional leadership, managerial and communication skills.

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