You may have sized your workforce for maximum efficiency. But in an ever-changing business environment, do you still have the right number of employees? Are they in the roles that make the best use of their skills? And are those roles the right ones now, given recent market and technology changes?

No matter how big or how small your org chart, the Robert Half Staffing Calculator will help you figure out in just a few minutes whether your team size is at, above or below average compared to similar businesses.

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Customized org planning and team size insights

The Staffing Calculator is based on actual data from department heads and in-house team leaders at companies across Canada and the United States. Robert Half and third-party research firms surveyed these executives to get an in-depth look at their organizational structure, staffing practices and hiring needs. This information can be customized to your needs only through this online calculator.

Your personalized assessment provides insights to help you:


Optimize workloads among your team


Anticipate future staffing changes


Identify workforce gaps


Set a staffing strategy to keep pace with changing business demands


Plan your hiring budget

The results are tailored to your company size and business function, including: accounting and finance, IT, creative and marketing (in-house), legal (in-house) and administrative.

Org planning for today's business environment

Periodically assessing your team size and structure is especially important today. Talent shortages, innovation needs and the increasing realization by companies that not every job requires a full-time employee have paved the way for new strategies to build and maintain an effective workforce.

Robert Half Staffing Calculator

The Robert Half Staffing Calculator helps you uncover personnel challenges you may be facing as well as new opportunities to remedy them. Your results will show you all the creative ways your peers are adapting their team sizes and structures to meet current and emerging business demands.

Try the Staffing Calculator today to help ensure you continue to have the right people in the right places at your company.

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