Work-Life Balance on the Rise; Managers are Leading the Way

Survey: More Than One-Third of Canadian Workers Enjoying Better Balance, Majority Report Support From the Boss

Survey: More Than One-Third of Canadian Workers Enjoying Better Balance, Majority Report Support From the Boss

Toronto, ON – Workers’ ability to juggle the demands of the office and home is on the upswing, with those in charge greatly aiding the cause, new research suggests. In a Robert Half Management Resources survey, the more than one-third of Canadian professionals (37 per cent) said their work-life balance has improved from three years ago. Nearly nine in 10 respondents (87 per cent) reported their manager is somewhat or very supportive of their efforts to achieve this balance, and 64 per cent said their boss sets a good or even excellent example.

Workers were asked, “How has your work-life balance changed, if at all, from three years ago?” Their responses:

Improved significantly


Improved somewhat


No change


Worsened somewhat


Worsened significantly






Workers were then asked, “How supportive is your manager of your efforts to achieve work-life balance?” Their responses*:

Very supportive


Somewhat supportive


Not at all supportive




*Responses do not total 100 per cent due to rounding.

Workers also were asked, “When it comes to work-life balance, how would you characterize the example set by your manager?” Their responses:













“Professional environments that reap the benefits of work-life balance are the ones that consider evolving worker preferences and trends, while actively promoting these opportunities to attract potential employees and keep current teams motivated,” said David King. “To underscore how valuable work-life balance is to the company, managers must personally demonstrate their commitment.”

King added, “Leading by example is an imperative; when staff witness their managers taking the opportunity to unplug and recharge, they’re likelier to follow suit – which supports a more productive and engaged workforce.”

Robert Half Management Resources provides five tips for managers to help their teams achieve work-life balance:

  • Understand employees’ needs. Talk to your staff about their objectives and what you can do to help. Where one employee may benefit from working remotely a couple days a week, another may seek starting and ending his or her day 30 minutes earlier. Remain flexible and open-minded as you assist your team.
  • Show them the way. Are you sending emails at all times of the day and night, or are most of your communications delivered during work hours? Do you use your weekends to pursue personal goals or demand updated financial reports? Whichever options you choose, your staff are taking note – and figuring they must do the same.
  • Work with interim professionals. If to-do lists are expanding and the team is falling behind, bring in a consultant who can alleviate the burden and contribute specialized expertise. Project professionals can step in immediately to support your organization.
  • Spread the word. Employers commonly highlight their work-life balance offerings to job candidates, but you’ll need to continue selling your company’s program to current staff. Regularly and broadly communicate options available to workers.
  • Stay ahead of the pack. Views on work-life balance change, and what is in vogue today may not have the same appeal six months or a year from now. Stay on top of emerging trends to keep your program fresh and ensure you provide in-demand benefits.

About the Research

The survey was developed by Robert Half Management Resources and conducted by an independent research firm. It includes responses from more than 400 Canadian workers 18 years of age or older and employed in office environments.

About Robert Half Management Resources

Robert Half Management Resources is the premier provider of senior-level finance, accounting and business systems professionals for companies’ project and interim staffing needs. Customizing its approach for each organization, Robert Half Management Resources can provide a single consultant, a financial team or full-service consulting services, delivered through Protiviti, a Robert Half subsidiary. With more than 140 locations worldwide, Robert Half Management Resources works with companies of all sizes, including more than half of the top 100 companies from the FORTUNE 500®. For more information, visit Follow us at and @RobertHalf_CAN for additional workplace advice and hiring trends.

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