When it Comes to Hiring, Wait for Resumes or Cast a Wide Net?

Survey: Majority of CFOs Don’t Actively Recruit for Open Roles, Potentially Losing Out on Talented Candidates

Toronto, ON — Competition for skilled professionals is fierce, yet employers may be missing out on big segment of potential candidates for those hard-to-fill positions. In a recent survey from specialized recruiting firm Robert Half, 50 per cent of CFOs reported they typically post an open job and wait for resumes; only 6 per cent actively recruit beyond sifting through incoming applications. Yet when employed workers were asked if they would consider a job offer from a recruiter regardless of whether they had been considering a move, most (64 per cent) said yes.

“As part of an active hiring strategy, and to attract applicants with the most sought-after skills, it’s essential that employers make themselves visible,” said Greg Scileppi, president of Robert Half, International Staffing Operations.

Specialized professionals have more options and require a proactive approach from companies, added Scileppi. “Businesses can’t rely solely on applications to hire exceptional talent; hiring managers need to find these individuals where they are, even if they aren’t looking. For a more successful search, develop a well-rounded strategy that leverages resources like specialized recruiting firms, social media and established professional networks, to help save time and effort by actively marketing open positions.”

CFOs were asked, “When looking to hire, are you more likely to post the job and wait for applications or actively recruit people whose skills match your open position regardless of whether they have applied for or expressed interest in your open job?

Much more likely to post the job and wait for applications


Somewhat more likely to post the job and wait for applications


Somewhat more likely to actively recruit people


Much more likely to actively recruit people


Use an equal mix of both approaches



Workers were asked, “How likely are you to consider a job offer from a recruiter who contacts you, even if you’re not actively looking for work?

Highly likely


Somewhat likely


Somewhat unlikely


Very unlikely



Robert Half offers five tips for managers to follow during the hiring process:

  1. Move quickly. Define a timeline and ideal start date for the job candidate and ensure all stakeholders are informed and on board. A delay or dip in communication could turn off in-demand applicants and disrupt hiring efforts.
  2. Sell your organization. Companies with similar open positions are competing for the same talent. Highlight all the reasons someone should choose your company over all others. 
  3. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Highly skilled candidates will be most interested in jobs that include compensation above market rates, attractive perks and a defined path for career advancement.
  4. Have a “Top Two” list. Line up at least two potential candidates in case your top pick becomes unavailable.
  5. Stay connected. The hiring process doesn’t stop once a candidate accepts the job offer. Prepare a robust onboarding program and check in with new hires frequently.

About the Research

The surveys were developed by Robert Half and conducted by independent research firms. The CFO survey is based on telephone interviews with more than 270 CFOs from a stratified random sample of companies in Canada. The survey of workers includes responses from more than 400 Canadian professionals age 18 and over and employed in office environments.

About Robert Half
Founded in 1948, Robert Half is the world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm. The Menlo Park, Calif.-based company has more than 325 staffing locations worldwide and offers online job search and management tools at roberthalf.ca. For career and management advice, follow our blog at roberthalf.ca/blog. Follow Robert Half Canada on Twitter at @RobertHalf_CAN for additional workplace advice and hiring trends.

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