Tax Accountant

Tax Accountant Job Description:

Candidates for this position must possess a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Companies seek individuals who have excellent organizational, research and communication skills. They also expect proficiency with Microsoft Excel and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.  

Typical Duties of a Tax Accountant: 

  • Researching tax laws and regulations 
  • Completing various corporate tax returns 
  • Providing assistance during tax audits 
  • Responding to notices from tax authorities 

Tax Manager 

Tax Manager Job Description:  

Tax managers should possess strong communication and analytical skills. They also are expected to stay up to date with industry and government regulations. Candidates for tax manager positions generally need at least five years of tax accounting experience; many companies prefer those with public accounting backgrounds. Businesses seek applicants who have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Individuals who have earned a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) or the chartered professional accountant (CPA) designation have an advantage when pursuing these positions. 

Typical Duties of a Tax Manager: 

  • Reviewing corporate tax returns for completeness and accuracy 
  • Assisting with research and planning according to current tax impact of proposed company activities and transactions 
  • Working with the director of accounting or the controller on asset depreciation schedules and policies 
  • Implementing strategies to minimize corporate tax liability in accordance with current tax laws 
  • Supporting the tax director on tax audits by outside regulatory agencies 

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