Lawyer Job Description:

Lawyers play many different roles in the practice of law but they typically work in either a law firm or corporate legal department.

Lawyers are required to have an LL.B/J.D. and an applicable provincial bar license to practice law.

Lawyers also need excellent analytical, communication, diplomacy, legal research and writing skills.


Typical Duties of a Lawyer:

  • Researching and analyzing the law on complex issues and writing briefs for submission to a supervising lawyer
  • Appearing in a court of law, arbitration or other judicial tribunal, as well as presenting well-reasoned statements to the judicial body
  • Analyzing and summarizing complicated legal documents, including contracts, and suggesting alterations to those documents
  • Negotiating with outside parties on contractual issues and legal disputes, including settlement conferences
  • Anticipating and mitigating potential legal problems — and developing strategies to avoid costly litigation and reduce potential areas of risk
  • Performing due diligence in legal matters concerning contracts, agreements, and mergers and acquisitions

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