Job Interview Tips and Career Advice

OfficeTeam specializes in placing highly skilled administrative professionals with companies of all sizes and in every industry. We provide you with the tools you need, including job interview tips and networking advice, to make your job search successful. Our job training programs can be customized to each candidate's needs and goals, whether that be participating in interview preparation or better understanding the industry through studying research and insight into the market. 

Staying current on the latest job search trends is also key to distinguishing yourself and securing an employment offer. With career planning and advancement advice gleaned from our Career Centre, you can learn how to craft compelling resumes and cover letters, as well as succeed in interviews. You'll also learn how to network effectively.

Job Training Programs

In addition to having access to career opportunities with our vast network of clients, registered candidates can take advantage of our job search advice, participate in our free online job training programs and request free copies of our industry-leading research.

  • Job Search Advice: These resources from OfficeTeam will assist you with career management, including cover letter, resume and interview preparation. Our job interview tips cover phone and in-person interviews, common interview questions you may encounter, questions you should ask in an interview and what to wear. In addition, our networking advice gives tips on how to avoid common mistakes, manage your digital footprint and make connections online.
  • Online Training: Registered candidates gain access to our free online job training programs featuring courses that allow you to stay competitive in today's career environment. The training provides access to more than 8,000 of these courses which can lead to certification and skill building that you can carry over to your next job.
  • Interactive Tools: These tools are intended for job search and career advancement, and include access to our Salary Calculator and intuition quiz. All of these will assist you with interview preparation, resume creation and skill building for your current or future job.