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In addition to identifying trends through our daily interactions with Canadian companies and job seekers, we conduct extensive research on hiring and employment issues. Read about our latest research, including results from our ongoing surveys of Canadian CFOs, CIOs, lawyers, advertising and marketing executives, human resources managers and senior managers.

Oct 27, 2016

Comprehensive Study of More Than 12,000 Canadian and U.S. Workers Reveals the Happiest and Unhappiest by Field, Gender, Company Size and Other Factors

Oct 20, 2016

Survey: More Than Eight in 10 Canadian Employees Have Gone to the Office When Ill

Oct 18, 2016

Survey: Majority of CFOs Don’t Actively Recruit for Open Roles, Potentially Losing Out on Talented Candidates

Oct 11, 2016

Survey Reveals How Canadian Workers Feel About Their Managers

Oct 6, 2016

Average Starting Salaries for Legal Jobs in Canada Projected to Rise 3.1 Per Cent in 2017 

Sep 29, 2016

Survey: Attracting Applicants, Setting the Right Salary Are Key Recruiting Challenges for Creative Executives

Sep 28, 2016

Survey: Managers’ Favourite Job Interview Questions Can Get Tricky, But Most Focus on the Opportunity

Sep 22, 2016

Survey Reveals the Attributes CFOs and Workers Value Most

Sep 21, 2016

7 Tips for Landing Year-End or Seasonal Jobs

Sep 20, 2016

Survey Finds Functional Expertise More Often a Greater Priority