Industry Research

Robert Half Management Resources offers a library of free business and industry resources to help our clients and consultants make informed, strategic decisions about financial project professionals and their careers. We provide insight on hiring, consulting and finance trends that impact your local marketplace. Browse our industry research below or free resources to stay abreast of the most recent industry data.

  • Free Resources: Browse our database of industry resources, which cover everything from business etiquette to guides for small to midsize businesses on how to hire and how to retain employees.
  • Salary Guide: Our Salary Guide provides the latest research in the industry regarding compensation, hiring trends and employee retention. Also use this guide to discover the most in-demand positions in accounting and finance.
  • Benchmarking the Finance Function: A properly configured finance department is fundamental to any business strategy. Robert Half's fourth annual benchmarking report provides metrics on staffing, financial systems, outsourcing and more. How does your company measure up to its peers?
  • Employee Retention: You've conquered employee hiring and have managed to secure top talent – but don't lose those professionals to other companies. Learn more about how to retain employees, including the importance of communication, recognition and professional development efforts.