8 Reasons to Work With a Staffing Agency

Working for a staffing agency

Top-level financial consultants have two main options when looking for engagements: Go it alone or work with a staffing agency. Following are eight reasons the latter choice might be the better option:

1. Get paid for every working hour

Be honest: Finding clients takes time. When you're not searching the Internet for leads on projects and employment opportunities, you're advertising your services and networking. By bringing clients to you, a staffing agency can minimize your (uncompensated) business development efforts and get you to work faster.

2. Leave it to the professionals

As a skilled financial consultant, you bring expertise to the table that makes you a hot commodity among companies seeking your skills. The recruiters who work at a staffing agency are experts, too. They know what it takes to make successful matches between the senior-level candidates they place and the clients they serve.

Work with an agency that has deep ties within the finance and accounting fields. They'll typically have connections with industry-leading alliances, further expanding their network of client companies and breadth of employment opportunities available to you.

3. Tap into industry knowledge

Working as a consultant can keep you very busy, so it isn't always easy to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in your industry. A leading staffing agency will stay on top of employment trends in the finance world and share that information with consulting candidates. Some even publish their own industry research.

4. Broaden your opportunities

Landing a consulting opportunity with a top employer can be a long shot if you don't have the right connections. Many leading companies rely on the expertise of a staffing agency to help them find and evaluate prospective consultants. This means recruiting specialists often have the inside scoop on opportunities that haven't even been advertised.

5. Expand into different positions

While you may be really good at what you do, that doesn't mean you want to always work on the same types of projects for the same types of employers. With a staffing agency, financial consultants have opportunities to broaden their scope of experience by being placed in different roles or even similar roles in different industries.

6. Lead a balanced life

Many consultants leave traditional full-time work to gain flexibility in their personal lives. Working with a staffing agency can increase this flexibility by allowing you to take time off without worrying about whether you'll have clients or projects to return to.

7. Continue your education

A top staffing agency is likely to provide its consultants with numerous e-learning tools to sharpen and broaden their skill sets.

8. Ease into full-time work

Some consultants reach a point when it makes sense to return to full-time work. Since many staffing agencies also place full-time employees, the transition can happen more quickly and smoothly.

Working with a staffing agency can help to reduce some of the legwork and uncertainty that often goes along with becoming a consultant. With the expertise and connections of its recruiters at your disposal, a staffing agency can help you make informed choices along your professional consulting path that are right for you.