Maximizing the Perks of Working for a Staffing Agency

Working for a staffing agency

Working with a staffing agency can help you land a job as a financial consultant, of course, but there are many other benefits this relationship can bring. Some are financial; others can help to boost your marketability or job satisfaction. Here are some examples:

Personalized guidance

A staffing firm can help you improve your resume, cover letter and interview skills. Staffing specialists constantly research the job market, industry and hiring trends, and company cultures, so you don't have to. All of this expert assistance can help you find the right accounting or finance opportunity more quickly while avoiding missteps that could derail your efforts to impress a potential employer.

Network building

Staffing agencies are regularly in touch with a vast network of professionals across all industries and in organizations of all sizes. By working for a staffing agency, you will gain access to many of these contacts, too, and likely learn of job openings you may never have known about otherwise. (You can also grow your professional network through the variety of people you will meet on your assignments.)

Valuable insight

Be sure to stay in close communication with the staffing specialists you work with about opportunities you're pursuing on your own; they may be able to provide some valuable background on and tips for interviewing with particular employers. Remember, the specialists who work with a reputable staffing agency have your best interests in mind. Trust them to provide honest insight into how you can make yourself more marketable. Be open to feedback and constructive criticism.

New skills

Working for a reputable staffing agency can give you access to valuable professional development opportunities. As soon as you register with Robert Half Management Resources, for example, you can take free online classes and sign up for webinars and presentations on topics of interest to accountants and other financial professionals, such as cash flow management, project cost estimating and capital budgeting.

Competitive compensation

Senior-level consultants working for a staffing agency can expect to earn starting compensation that is in line with their local market as well as national averages.

So, remember, while you may initially reach out to a staffing agency for one purpose – finding consulting opportunities – you may end up building a long-term professional relationship that provides rewards on many levels.