Benefits of Working With a Senior-Level Staffing Firm

Working for a staffing agency

You're looking for a consulting role at the executive level. Think a staffing firm can't help you in your search? Think again. Many reputable firms specialize in placing highly experienced financial talent for senior- and C-level consulting roles. When you decide it's time to explore project or interim consulting opportunities, consider the following benefits of working with a staffing firm:

Industry specialization

A leading staffing firm will have a team of experts who know what skills and abilities employers seek in candidates and are familiar with industry-specific terms and concepts. Skilled staffing specialists also will be up to speed on current salaries, trends and hiring demands in the executive job market.

Their connections to national and local alliances can help bolster your own professional network – even if you've already established an impressive one while working as an executive.

A reputable staffing firm may also provide free resources and training, so you can gain skills in areas you may not have explored during your previous career.

A thorough, personal approach

Experts at a reputable senior-level staffing firm will know how to promote your skills, expertise and experience – and your unique work style – to potential employers. They will take time to get to know you so they can be sure to place you in a project or interim consulting role at a company where you're likely to thrive. Be assured that staffing specialists will work hard to connect you with consulting opportunities that are well-matched to your skills and experience.

Valuable connections

The best staffing firms have connections to some of the most influential organizations in the world, so they can provide insight into what those companies are looking for in experienced consulting candidates. Already have impressive connections because of your executive status? Connecting with a staffing firm is a way to begin a conversation with an employer on your short list that may not be acquainted with your talents. You may even gain access to consulting positions that haven't been advertised yet due to a staffing firm's established relationships with top-tier organizations.

So while it's possible to rely on your own professional network and resume to find a consulting position, working with a staffing firm may help to expedite your search – while allowing you to gain new skills and valuable connections along the way.