Use Interim Management Jobs to Keep Your Skills Current

Interim management jobs

Interim management jobs are increasingly attractive to mid- to senior-level accounting and finance professionals. Why? Well, the benefits of this career option are numerous, both for companies that hire project consultants and for you. Obviously, working on a project basis keeps a paycheque coming in, but it also offers flexibility, allows you to expand your professional network and enables you to make a meaningful contribution to an organization without a long-term commitment. Even more importantly, however, interim management jobs help to keep your skills honed so that you always remain in demand.

A wealth of experience

The very nature of consulting work means you have access to a wide variety of interim management jobs that span company and industry type. And as a consultant, you have the freedom to take on only those engagements that you find most interesting and rewarding. That allows you to focus your efforts on opportunities where you can explore new or existing areas of interest.

Fascinated by international finance? Work in publishing and want to stick your toe in the waters of the entertainment industry? Maybe you are thoroughly familiar with the accounting and finance challenges specific to smaller businesses and want to explore the issues a global corporation might face. With interim management jobs, you can sample these types of opportunities and build a more robust background of industry experience.

Honing your technical and nontechnical abilities

At the risk of stating the obvious, strong hard and soft skills are vital for any finance and accounting professional. But even consultants who feel they already possess a solid repertoire of abilities can benefit from some polishing.

On the technical side, new regulations continually emerge that finance and accounting professionals must remain aware of. The same is true for software such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. And non-technical skills, such as leadership and business communication, are increasingly transitioning from the "nice-to-have" to "must-have" category for professionals looking to gain an edge with employers.

Interim management jobs offer you the opportunity to work with new systems, gain hands-on experience with regulatory compliance initiatives and put your interpersonal abilities into practice. Again, the diversity of assignments inherent to consulting works in your favour as the technology, regulations and team dynamics you'll encounter will vary from workplace to workplace.

The point is that interim management jobs let you sample from a smorgasbord of exciting opportunities you would not have access to through a traditional full-time job. And these experiences help to ensure that your skills stay current and well-rounded.