Business Consultant Jobs On and Off the Beaten Path


Many experienced accounting and finance professionals prefer business consultant jobs for their inherent flexibility. Another attraction is the way this career path can lead to interesting opportunities. If you have a strong accounting and finance background, you have a head start when it comes to exploring business consultant jobs. Why not put those data analysis and critical thinking skills you earned as an accountant, controller, financial analyst or compliance specialist to good use in a new environment?


As regulations evolve, the landscape keeps changing for professionals pursuing business consultant jobs that focus on fraud, compliance and risk. According to a Robert Half Management Resources survey, one in five chief financial officers surveyed reported increased challenges in managing compliance-related initiatives. For public companies, big money may be at stake if they are unable to comply with all the regulations and directives that apply. Can you apply your skills to helping businesses comply with Canadian financial regulations and standards?

Fraud and risk

Cybersecurity breaches and natural disasters rank high on the list of potential issues facing companies. Some businesses are hiring forensic accountants as consultants to keep a closer watch against embezzlement or other fraudulent activities by employees. If you have strong analytical skills or experience in criminal justice or law enforcement, you might consider pursuing business consultant jobs in the forensic accounting arena.

Even among companies that aren't publicly traded, many are grappling with what some perceive as growing risks to business. If you have a background in accounting, business administration, economics or mathematics, you could be a natural to move into risk management consulting. A variety of risk management trade associations and specialized websites are available to help you learn more about risk management trends if you're considering this avenue.

Business systems

Financial, business and business systems analysts are all in strong demand. Firms are relying on these professionals for guidance as they seek to upgrade and expand their operations. Professionals with a solid accounting or finance background coupled with specialized technology expertise, such as experience in enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages and related software, are in particular demand now as business systems analysts.

Wringing the most out of existing information systems and designing new ones that optimize major business processes are key ways organizations are attempting to operate more efficiently. Business analyst openings vary widely, but they typically require a solid understanding of business functional areas, business management issues, data analysis and the ability to evaluate costs.

Sports and entertainment

Imagine working for your favorite sports team or Hollywood studio. It's not as far-fetched as you may think. Using your knowledge of copyright law and royalties, combined with a background in accounting, for example, may help you land jobs with production companies, film studios, radio stations, television networks and other organizations in the entertainment industry. Entertainment brands are often looking for analysts, cost accounting managers and compliance or fraud specialists.

If you haven't explored working outside of the sector you started in, now is a great time to try. To find out about business consultant jobs at companies of all sizes, talk to a finance and accounting staffing agency.