Current Resume Trends

If you're starting a job search, familiarize yourself with current resume trends and resume styles. The main principles remain the same: Be honest, succinct and avoid errors. But the following current resume trends and newer developments may be worthy of your consideration:

The summary: More job seekers are replacing the objective statement with a summary. A well-crafted overview of your most impressive qualifications at the top of the page can better convey why you're an attractive candidate.

Resume Styles

Different delivery formats: HTML or Internet-friendly resumes have been used for a number of years and usually include links to work samples or more detailed information about a candidate's experience. Another format to consider is the video resume, although some companies are reluctant to accept them because of concerns about potential discrimination claims. In general, it's wise to check with an employer before submitting a video resume. In addition to e-formats you may want to consider also mailing a hard copy to hiring managers to further distinguish yourself.

Avoid potential for overexposure: While technology enables a far wider distribution of your resume than was possible before, you don't want to invite excessive spam or other unwanted email by posting your resume too freely. Instead focus on making sure your materials are posted where your target audience is most likely to see them. A too-wide distribution also makes it more likely your employer will learn of your search for a new position.