Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Remaining on top of the most current job interview tips and best practices is valuable. So is knowing what not to do. Recognizing some of the most common interviewing "don'ts" can help you present a favourable and honest picture of your skills and experience. Here are some interview tips regarding frequent mistakes and how to avoid them.

Job Interview Tips

Don't forget to research the company. A survey from our company found the biggest mistake applicants make in interviews is not knowing enough about the firm. Do some digging on the Web, tap members of your network for their insights and work with a recruiter who can offer additional information about the firm.

Don't let nerves undercut your communication skills. Keep your responses to interview questions concise. When asked a question, take a deep breath, pause and collect your thoughts before you begin to speak. Avoid verbal crutches (e.g., "um," "like," "uh") and refrain from making jokes or discussing controversial subjects.

Don't exaggerate your interest or qualifications. This is one of our most important job interview tips. While it's necessary to express enthusiasm for the position, candidates who answer every question with upbeat eagerness may come across as insincere. Also avoid overstating your qualifications.

Don't be negative. Avoid disparaging comments regarding former employers, colleagues and companies. Also stay away from self-deprecating comments, which do not support a positive image or demonstrate competence.

By taking these interview tips to heart, you can make a better impression on hiring managers.