Flexible Work Arrangements Can Lead to Better Performance, According to Canadian Creative Managers

Two in five employers feel productivity would increase under a compressed schedule

  • More than two-thirds (68 per cent) of managers say it’s OK for employees to engage in non-work-related activities during business hours

Toronto, ON — Working longer hours fewer days a week could be good for business, according to new research from staffing firm The Creative Group. Two in five advertising and marketing hiring decision makers (40 per cent) surveyed feel productivity would increase if their company instituted a compressed schedule, where employees work four 10-hour days. In addition, more than two-thirds of respondents (68 per cent) support allowing staff to attend to non-work-related tasks while on the clock in order to boost overall performance.

“As professional preferences and expectations evolve, more companies are recognizing that the best work isn’t necessarily tied to traditional work hours or days and are open to the idea of a flexible workplace,” said Deborah Bottineau, district director for The Creative Group. “Offering employees greater freedom to manage their time and personal and professional obligations can help reduce stress, increase morale and productivity, and serve as an attractive perk for prospective hires.”

View and infographic of survey results.

Work-Life Balance is a Shared Responsibility

When it comes to achieving healthy work-life balance, most employers want staff to meet them halfway, the survey suggests. Fifty-four per cent of creative managers said companies and employees are equally accountable; only 2 per cent said it’s solely the company’s concern.

“Regardless of the hours they keep, employees are responsible for making the most of their time at the office,” added Bottineau. “The freedom to attend to personal tasks or passion projects while at work comes with the expectation that professionals bring their most creative, driven selves to their job and continue to make valuable contributions to the business.”

About the Research

The online survey was developed by The Creative Group and conducted by a leading independent research firm. It is based on responses from more than 200 advertising and marketing hiring decision makers who work full-time at agencies with 20 or more employees or companies with 100 or more employees in Canada.

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