Hiring Employees

Attracting skilled financial professionals can be a challenge for today's companies, making it essential to maintain a strategy for hiring employees. Robert Half Finance & Accounting can serve as a valuable company resource on staffing and management issues. Our research will enlighten you with techniques that improve your way of hiring employees and help increase your retention rates. We also provide local salary ranges, information on the latest financial management trends, and insight into the true cost of hiring an employee.

Robert Half offers many free resources to assist in hiring employees and improving employee retention, including:

  • Annual Salary Guide – This financial salary guide offers the latest salary trends to help calculate attractive compensation packages for accounting and finance professionals. We also discuss the level of other benefits needed to increase employee retention after hiring employees[echo; suggestion: “them”.
  • Industry-leading research – The current financial industry research we provide can help you make better-informed decisions when hiring employees or finalizing a job offer. Robert Half also provides resources especially for small and midsize businesses, exploring topics such as motivating top talent and developing a customer service culture in your business.
  • Guidance for finding and retaining top performers – From hiring employees to motivating them to stay, employers have a tough job in an industry seeing high demand for certain skill sets. Learn how to conduct effective interviews, create an attractive job description, and improve communication. Our guides also provide insight into the complete cost of hiring an employee, as well as the use of awards and bonuses as a method for positive reinforcement, and thus, better employee retention.