Employee Rewards Systems

Employee rewards systems have been around for decades, and it's easy to see why. When employee rewards programs are planned intelligently and implemented with care, they're a proven method of enhancing performance, increasing morale and building employee loyalty.

And the best part – for small businesses especially – is that employee appreciation gifts don't necessarily have to be costly. The idea and the spirit behind employee reward systems – the mere fact that a company is singling out and showing gratitude toward employees who are doing a great job – can be as motivational as the material employee rewards that may be given.

Employee Appreciation Gifts

Here's a list of some of the popular employee appreciation gifts that small businesses may want to consider:

  • Time off or extra vacation days
  • A note or letter of appreciation from the company president
  • Dinner (for two) at a local restaurant or a group lunch for an outstanding department
  • A designated employee-of-the-month parking spot
  • A photo and brief article in the company newsletter
  • A press release to the local newspaper
  • Inexpensive plaques or paperweights
  • Special gear (T-shirt, tote bag, etc.) with the company logo
  • Movie tickets