Recruiting Basics

Understanding how to recruit good employees is essential for small and midsize businesses. The following articles provide an in-depth understanding of recruiting basics.

  • How the Recruitment Process Shapes Your Firm's Reputation: Learn how the way you go about recruiting new talent makes a statement about your small business and, therefore, has a hand in shaping your organization's reputation.
  • Creating Job Descriptions That Attract Skilled Talent: Did you know that creating an accurate job description is one of the most important recruiting basics? Discover how it affects your business' ability to attract top professionals in your industry.
  • Effective Job Descriptions: Learn how to write a job description that will draw in top talent.
  • Staffing Partners: Learn why using a professional staffing partner may be the most important of the recruiting basics, as well as the most common types of services small businesses utilize.
  • Specialized Staffing Firms: Discover how a specialized staffing firm like Robert Half can help you understand the recruiting basics and assist with the hiring process.
  • Social Media Recruiting – Mistakes to Avoid: More small businesses are using social media to expand the reach of their recruiting efforts, but there are pitfalls to avoid. Discover the five most common mistakes hiring managers make.
  • Job Applications: Learn why job applications are not as common in the hiring process as they once were and what to consider if you decide to use them.
  • Internal Recruitment: Learn the pros and cons of hiring from within.
  • An Employee Skills Inventory: Discover what an employee skills inventory is and why it may be worth the time and effort to develop one.
  • Employee Referrals – A Powerful Recruiting Tool: Discover the best methods for using employee referrals to identify potential hires with promise.
  • Small Business Recruiting: It often seems like larger businesses have a leg up in the competition for top talent. But that's not necessarily the case. Learn how to leverage the positive aspects of working for a small business to recruit skilled workers.
  • Hiring Managers: How to Handle Helicopter Parents: When hiring younger employees, it's common for their parents to want to be involved in the process. Discover strategies for setting boundaries and guidelines for job applicants and their parents to follow.
  • Your Blueprint for Creating a Job Description: The importance of having the right job description cannot be overstated. Read these tips for creating an airtight description that will help drive the job ad and the interview and selection process.

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