Panel Interviews

It's not unusual for more than one company representative to interview a candidate to provide a variety of opinions on the individual, especially if the new hire will play a key role in the organization. In fact, sometimes these meetings are carried out simultaneously through the use of a panel interview, which is conducted by the hiring manager plus two to four other members of the management team or work group.

Conducting a Panel Interview

Panel interviews are beneficial when small businesses want to quickly get a promising hire through multiple interviews in a timely manner. It's best for the hiring manager to conduct one-on-one interviews with applicants first, however, choosing only a few finalists for a panel interview. This saves panelists' time and ensures that the hiring manager is presenting only those candidates who may ultimately be hired.

Panel interviews are most successful when the hiring manager distributes job criteria to the panel interview team in advance, along with specific questions. This helps to ensure panel interview members will be able to compare candidates in a consistent fashion, using like criteria.