How to Close an Interview

For some hiring managers, figuring out how to close an interview can be tricky. With only a few minutes to go, you can bring an interview to a graceful close by following these steps:

  1. Let the candidate ask questions. Before closing the interview, provide an opportunity for the individual to ask any questions they may have on their mind after the interview.
  2. Let the candidate know what comes next. Advise the candidate how and when you're going to be in contact and whether any further steps need to be taken – forms, tests and so on. This interview closing practice not only is a common courtesy but also creates a positive impression.
  3. End the interview on a formal but sincere note. Thank the candidate for the time and repeat your commitment to follow up. Either stand or shake hands again. This action is a way of formally closing the interview and provides a signal for the candidate to leave. Walk the applicant out of the office to the elevator lobby or front door.

After Closing the Interview

And one last suggestion regarding how to close an interview: As soon as possible after the candidate's departure, take a couple of moments to collect your thoughts and write your impressions and a summary of your notes. You don't need to make any definitive decisions at this point, but recording your impressions immediately after the interview closing – while they're still fresh in your mind – will help you immeasurably if the final choice should boil down to several candidates, all of whose qualifications are comparable.

Interview Closing: Perfecting Your Techniques

Learning effective methods about how to close an interview is just the first step. With practice, every small business owner can conduct outstanding interviews – and end them on a positive note at just the right time.