After you have narrowed the candidate pool based on our evaluation of the resumes you've received, and possibly a round of phone interviewing, it is time to conduct in-person interviews – and you want to make sure your interview is time well spent. These articles will help you prepare for the interviewing process and avoid common interviewing mistakes.

The Interviewing Process

  • How to Conduct a Job Interview: Although interviewing is a relatively common task for virtually every business, it should not be taken lightly. Learn how to structure your interviewing process so it is as effective as possible.
  • Interview Questions: There are so many different questions you could ask when interviewing a job candidate, how do you know which ones are most effective? Learn about the many types of questions, when to use certain interviewing questions and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Interview Questions to Ask: Find the top five interviewing questions to ask a job seeker and advice on interpreting the answers.
  • Bad Interview, Good Hire?: Not every job candidate is fabulous at the interview game. Learn how to evaluate hard-to-interview personalities so you can accurately evaluate each person's potential.
  • Interview Mistakes: It's easy to get sidetracked by a variety of factors during the interviewing process. Discover the largest pitfalls for interviewers and how to avoid them.
  • Panel Interviews: Read about the most effective methods for carrying out panel interviews and when you might want to use them as part of your interviewing process.
  • End Game: Closing the Interview on the Right Note: Discover the right way to end an interview so the candidate leaves with a positive impression of your firm, and you can evaluate his or her performance.
  • The Five Deadly Sins of Interviewing Job Candidates: The job interview is one of the best ways for evaluating whether a candidate will fit in at your organization and whether he/she has the skills necessary to succeed. Don't make these five mistakes when conducting interviews.

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