The Phone Screen Interview

Once you've narrowed the applicant pool, call each candidate for a brief phone screen interview. This can eliminate time-consuming meetings with those who, despite strong resumes, don't meet all your needs. Even hearing the answers to quick phone screen interview questions often provides a sense of whether the person is likely to fit in with your team. Because these discussions are relatively impromptu, they may provide a more accurate idea of the candidate's interpersonal skills than a formal, rehearsed interview.

Phone Screen Interview Questions

When asking phone screening interview questions, be sure to raise any concerns you jotted down when you first reviewed the candidate's resume, such as the omission of an important technical skill or a mysterious employment gap. If the candidate's answers to your phone screen interview questions don't resolve your concerns, you've saved yourself the time involved with an in-person interview.

Phone Screening Interview: How Long to Devote?

It typically takes between 15 and 30 minutes to ask all pertinent phone screening interview questions. The key is to be consistent with your questions so that you can fairly compare job hopefuls. Overall, using phone screen interview questions to evaluate candidates is a great next step once you've narrowed the resume pool.