Early Bird Gets The Worm: New Survey Reveals Productivity Peaks For Workers in Canada

Professionals cite Tuesday as most productive workday

Toronto, ON — Sunday nights can be scary before the work week begins, but Monday and Tuesday, especially in the morning, are when employees are most productive, suggests new research from staffing firm Accountemps. More than half of workers surveyed in Canada said their productivity peaks at the beginning of the week, with Tuesday (35 per cent) edging out Monday (25 per cent) by ten points. After Hump Day (18 per cent), worker productivity dips: 12 per cent of employees do their best work on Thursdays, followed by 10 per cent on Fridays. 


Many professionals said they accomplish more work at the start of the day: 41 per cent are most productive in the early morning and 31 per cent in late morning, compared to three per cent who like to burn the midnight oil. It’s probably best to avoid scheduling meetings at noon: only two per cent of workers surveyed said they get the most work done at lunchtime.


For peak productivity, where is as important as when to work, but employees are divided: 44 per cent of workers say they work best in a private office with a closed door, according to the survey. Meanwhile, 33 per cent prefer working in an open office with coworkers, followed by 19 per cent who say they are most productive when working from home.


View an infographic showing when and where workers are most productive.


“Great leaders recognize that the path to productivity looks different for everyone,” said Koula Vasilopoulos, district president for Accountemps. “Managers should remain flexible and empower employees with the environment, tools and options that best support their preferred, and most effective, work style.”


Employees were also asked about the single biggest distraction that impacts their productivity during the workday. Coworkers who are too chatty and social topped the list (28 per cent), followed by office noise and unnecessary conference calls/meetings (tie; 23 per cent), unnecessary emails (20 per cent) and cell phone use (seven per cent).


“Professionals need to take responsibility for their own productivity,” added Vasilopoulos. “Be cognizant of where you are when you’re doing your best work and proactively find ways to replicate that environment. Whether this means brainstorming in the morning because that’s when you’re most creative, reducing distractions with a pair of headphones or putting up a sign to indicate you’re unavailable, knowing your own productivity needs can help you better manage your time and to-do list.”


About the Research

The survey was developed by Accountemps and conducted by an independent research firm. It includes responses from more than 400 workers 18 years of age or older and employed in office environments in Canada.


About Accountemps
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