Customer Testimonials

At Robert Half, we’re proud of the work we do. We assist companies of all sizes in building happy, productive teams by finding the right fit for their hiring needs. Over the years, we’ve helped countless businesses, and we can help yours too. 


We're committed to your success 


Hiring is one of your most important activities as a business leader. You don’t take this responsibility lightly, and neither do we. When you work with Robert Half to meet your staffing or consulting needs, you’ll quickly learn that we’re committed to your success and will do whatever it takes to find the right fit for your team. Read the following customer testimonials to learn more about the strong relationships we form with our clients. 


You have great people working for you. Their communication skills are excellent, and they convey a sincere interest in finding us the perfect candidate to meet our needs — it is not ‘just a job’ to them. 

Debra G., law firm 


Any time we need someone, all we have to do is give Robert Half a call, and they’re right on it! It’s nice to know that we are taken care of and don’t have to worry! 

Joanne G., accounting firm 


The Robert Half team is always very responsive when I call. I always feel like my request will receive immediate attention, and that’s important to me. I’ve never felt like I’m going on the back burner. I will continue to use Robert Half for all my needs. 

Ron B., research firm 


Robert Half — in particular, my recruiter — always takes the time to understand exactly what we need as a business. The person she sends for an interview ticks all the boxes. It was very evident during the interview process that candidates from other recruitment firms not only didn’t fit the brief fully but also were not as prepared for the interview. The quality difference was noticeable. I won’t hesitate to go back to Robert Half next time. 

Sonia C., energy firm 


My long-standing relationship with Robert Half is fantastic! They know exactly what I need and take care of it every time. I can count on them to deliver the right person for us without having to worry! Thank you! 

Christine P., pharmaceutical firm 


My recruiter at Robert Half is the most knowledgeable person I know in the local market. She knows everyone (candidates and companies) and seems to know what’s happening inside companies before their employees do. She has always been extremely timely in getting candidates in front of me. She’s awesome to work with! 

Paige B., healthcare provider 


My contact at Robert Half is and always will be our go-to person for temporary staffing needs. He understands our business in ways it would take another agency professional many years to even come close to. He is professional and personal, and he puts our company’s best interest first at all times. 

Trevor H., technology firm 


A single solution for your staffing needs 


Looking for a staffing agency that can do it all? You’ve come to the right place. Robert Half can help you hire a front-desk receptionist or CFO — and virtually any role in between. Read customer testimonials from our satisfied clients to learn how we’ve worked with companies just like yours to find the right temporary, full-time or project professionals for their complex staffing needs. 


The Robert Half divisions we have worked with range from OfficeTeam to Robert Half Technology. I could not be more pleased with not only the quality of the candidates — so far, we have hired five people full time as a result of Robert Half’s placement — but also the quick response time. Robert Half staff always have been able to provide exactly what we need. I cannot imagine not working with Robert Half. 

Micky R., nonprofit 


We work with all of Robert Half's companies — full-time and temporary placement. The quality of candidates is always top-notch. They’re professional and knowledgeable. We like that the candidates are put through skills testing so they have the skills we require. 

Annette J., chemical firm 


Our contact at Robert Half knows the requirements needed to staff my jobs. When I call and ask him to send me someone for a certain position, his choice fits our needs. He staffs the position each time. I never have to see a second person. And 99 per cent of the time, I have tended to hire the candidate full time after the probationary time has lapsed. My company has several departments in which different types of people are needed, and I would say my Robert Half recruiter knows our departments very well. 

Jean L., telecommunications firm 


Helping our clients find the right hire 


When hiring, a job candidate’s skills and experience are only half the story. Finding someone who fits your company’s unique corporate culture is equally important. At Robert Half, we understand that both factors matter. Read the following customer testimonials to learn how we’ve helped other companies find the right person for their teams. 


Our team at Robert Half is remarkable. The recruiters have taken the time to get to know our company, and it seems that they can pick out the perfect candidates for us. With their expertise, we are now having to choose between several great candidates for each placement. I’d say that’s a pretty wonderful position to be in! 

Carol B., medical firm 


The Robert Half candidate was an excellent selection for our project. She was very quick and easy to train and had a wonderful attitude and excellent personality. She fit very well for the corporate culture we have; we just hate that we don’t have a full-time position for her. 

Kerry M., pharmaceutical firm 


Our Robert Half recruiters spent a substantial amount of time with me to determine our needs. They sent us two candidates that were absolutely perfect for the job description and our corporate culture as well, one of which we hired on to our full-time staff. 

Pamela M., accounting firm 


Our candidate was unbelievable! I couldn’t have found a better person to staff the position. I don’t know where I’d be without her — probably out of business. She came in and picked up the ball and ran with it, taking on all types of tasks, completing them, and being proactive in where I needed help next or where something else might be wrong or incorrect! I’d highly recommend her. What a disappointment that we didn’t have more work for her to keep her here. 

Doug R., construction firm 


Robert Half is great to work with. Good leads on the first try. It usually ends up being difficult to choose between the candidates that Robert Half sends because we like them all so much! Robert Half really takes the time to understand our process up front so that when we meet with someone, we’re not wasting time. Very responsive to our needs and always available with any questions or concerns. 

Anna L., professional services firm 


The Robert Half candidate was exactly who we were looking for. She caught on quickly to our particular way of doing things and just became one of the staff. Everyone really liked her quiet competence. Thank you for sending her to us. 

Lynn S., professional association 


Robert Half worked tirelessly to find a candidate who fit our specific needs regarding job duties and pay scale. Being a smaller company, we can’t afford to pay as high as the other companies, and Robert Half was able to find the right person for that niche. Every time we need someone, their turnaround time to respond is impeccably fast. I really appreciate all of the hard work they do for us. 

Kaila J., manufacturer 


Your satisfaction guaranteed 


Your satisfaction is our No. 1 priority. If you’re not pleased with a Robert Half candidate, we’ll make it right. Read the following customer testimonials to see what we mean. 


Robert Half was able to deliver on my urgent need for a temp. Additionally, when there was a miscommunication about time expectations with the placement, not only did Robert Half replace the temp, but they did not charge me for her time. That was an unexpected resolution to the problem, and one that I will remember. 

Jackie C., accounting firm 


I’ve used Robert Half a number of times in past years and have always appreciated how they seem to find very good employees to send over. And, in those rare occasions when I have an issue, it’s resolved quickly and efficiently! 

Dan D., educational institution 


When the first candidate was not able to meet the commitment, Robert Half had another candidate in place and ready to start. Communication was key to this placement due to the short time we had to put an employee in place, and Robert Half kept me informed the whole time. 

Carol B., retailer 


Helping our clients save time 


You’ve got 12 hours’ worth of work to do and only eight hours to do it in. Let Robert Half help save you time and trouble by handling the hardest parts of the recruitment process for you. Read the following customer testimonials to learn how we’ve benefited businesses just like yours. 


Robert Half saved us months of time in the hiring process. Under the traditional method (which we have used in the past) we would have spent months posting the position, weeding through the applicants, interviewing, etc. With Robert Half, it was a simple email to state what we needed, make our selection from the list of available candidates provided and set a start date! Much simpler and faster than the traditional hiring process. 

Tom M., government agency 


Our recruiter at Robert Half is doing a remarkable job for us. He understands our business, and, more importantly, he understands our corporate culture. So now I can send an email, and, within moments, he responds that his search is underway. Then, he quickly produces candidates who are perfect for our needs! Having this strong relationship has saved us HOURS of time in searching and DAYS of training staff. We are very happy with the relationship we have with Robert Half! 

Richard K., professional services firm 


Robert Half is very easy to work with. Having the company send us highly skilled candidates without us interviewing them saves us time and money. We have been very pleased with the level of customer service support that we have received from them, as well as the employees that they provide to us. 

Joanne W., professional association 


It was very easy to get started. We had a time-sensitive project, and we wasted no time in getting set up with Robert Half. There was no lengthy onboarding process. We had someone chosen and started in just a few days. 

Walter G., manufacturer