How Accounting Staffing Agencies Maximize Small Business Productivity

By Robert Half on January 25, 2017 at 8:00pm

There comes a moment in the growth of many small businesses when addressing all of their accounting needs can feel like a struggle. Maybe business is growing faster than expected, or a seasonal crunch has pushed existing staff to their limits.

To avoid falling behind, many small businesses tap into the expertise and flexibility offered by accounting staffing agencies to bring temporary workers on board and push through busy times. If you find yourself having to choose between keeping the books up-to-date and meeting the demands of your growing list of customers, it's time to take a closer look at how a little extra accounting help could increase your team's productivity and save your business money in the long run.

New solutions

When you bring in a temporary accounting professional with specialized skills, the fresh set of eyes may see things that you missed. He or she may be able to create a more efficient process for balancing your ledgers. Or, perhaps, because your interim worker has seen how other small businesses solve planning problems, he or she can suggest ways to implement enterprise resource planning software or cloud-based tools to streamline your company's budgeting process.

The expertise you need

Your employees each bring unique knowledge and experience to the workplace. Even though they are bright and eager to learn, sometimes they don't have answers to your tough questions, like, "Can I afford to offer my employees health insurance? What are the costs of doing so?" or "Is it time to consider a new database or merchant system for handling transactions? Which one makes the most sense for my business?" Accounting staffing agencies have a deep pool of highly skilled professionals to offer you the right expertise when you need it.

On-demand resources

Working with accounting staffing agencies allows you to bring on accounting or payroll clerksbookkeepers or auditors; or any one of a variety of analysts, processors or administrators with the technical skills you need for the exact amount of time you need them. You can even assemble a team of experts for a special, short-term project, like a merger or acquisition. Staff augmentation during an audit or end-of-fiscal-year crunch is another flexible solution offered by accounting staffing agencies.

Cost savings

On those occasions when working through accounting staffing agencies to bring in professionals on a temporary basis makes more sense than hiring a full-time worker — such as to handle workload peaks or a specialized need that is not ongoing — you can realize substantial cost savings. In addition to saving on overhead like taxes and benefits, you also reduce the costs of training: Candidates already have the experience and knowledge you need to staff workload and skills gaps.

You will still need to orient a temporary professional to your expectations and the company's culture. However, experienced accounting staffing agencies have staffing managers who ease the transition and will be there for you throughout the length of the contract.

When you find yourself stressed about meeting productivity goals, turn to the services of a specialized staffing firm for help. A temporary accounting professional brings targeted knowledge that can help you find new ways to get work done and steer your small business through an unexpected growth spurt.

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