5 Ways Working With a Recruiter Saves You Time and Money

By Robert Half on October 26, 2016 at 9:00pm

Whether unexpected or long-anticipated, a vacant position in an organization comes at a higher price than many employers realize. Perhaps, you’ve avoided turning to a specialized staffing expert in the past because you thought the cost wasn’t worth it. But working with a recruiter can save you time and money.

On your own, you might spend valuable time and resources recruiting candidates, while your staff is left scrambling to fill the missing role. The result can be a dip in productivity and a spike in frustration, which is costly in more ways than one.

Working with a recruiter, on the other hand, offers many advantages, including these five ways of saving you time and money.

1. Working with a recruiter expands the talent pool

Robert Half's Demand for Skilled Talent report points out that it's becoming more difficult to bring on skilled talent, with low unemployment rates among highly skilled professionals and an increase in job openings. As a result, many hiring managers are finding that the talent pool is shallower than they'd like. 

Specialized staffing agencies have a large network of experts in many industries. Not only are they in touch with active job seekers, they’re also aware of highly qualified passive candidates who aren’t necessarily looking for a new position, but could be interested if approached with the right offer. These connections make for a faster recruiting process, saving you a stressful search and the cost of an empty position.

2. Recruiters offer human resources support

Recruiters perform evaluations of candidates before the hiring process even begins, easing the demands on your HR department. 

Many specialized staffing agencies also offer candidates resources and training opportunities, meaning you’ll be taking on a vetted, qualified new employee and cutting down on the cost of training.

3. They act as matchmakers

The hiring process isn’t just about finding a candidate with the right skills and designations. It’s about finding someone who fits your company’s culture. Recruiters discuss career goals and workplace desires with their clients.

Candidates are more than just a resume. They’re people, and working with a recruiter helps you find someone who will be as passionate about your organization as you are, boosting productivity and avoiding the cost of a bad hire.

4. Working with a recruiter improves retention

A recruiter’s relationship with his or her client doesn’t end once a new job is secured. Recruiters follow up with the workers they place, making sure they’re happy in their positions.

Likewise, you can keep your staffing agency updated on how workers are doing, which will help them better serve you in the future. This feedback can help you reduce employee turnover and increase job satisfaction in your workplace.

5. Recruiters help reduce the need for overtime pay

Developing a relationship with a specialized staffing agency won’t just come in handy when you need to fill a position. Maybe it’s tax season and your staff accountants are overworked, or your IT department is implementing a system upgrade that puts more work on everyone’s plate. By working with a recruiter, you can bring in highly skilled temporary workers to relieve some of the burden on your staff.

Not only will this improve morale and increase productivity, you’ll also save on overtime pay and get the most out of your staffing agency.


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