3 Ways a Legal Temp Agency Can Help Save You From Bad Hires

By Robert Half on October 23, 2016 at 9:00pm

Do you think of a legal temp agency only when you need help filling in for someone in vacation? That's just the tip of the iceberg of services they can provide.

A legal temp agency can even help you avoid a poor hiring decision, which can be among the most frustrating things to happen to you as a legal manager. And not just that but it can have a tremendous impact on your company as well. In fact, Canadian executives polled for a 2016 Robert Half survey said that more than 1/3 of supervisors who hired the wrong employee spent more than 50 hours on it. In addition, 48 per cent said a bad hire affects team morale. Clearly, making good hiring decisions is crucial to the health of a law firm or corporate legal department. One way to improve your chances of finding the best employees is to work with a temp agency that specializes in placing legal professionals.

How can they help you prevent making a bad hire? There are at least 3 ways:

You're presented with top candidates

At a temp agency that specializes in the legal field, job candidates are pre-evaluated by an experienced recruiter. Job seekers have completed interviews and skills tests, and their references have been checked. In other words, they've been fully vetted by people who know what makes a good legal employee. What's more, many candidates work with a temp agency regularly, so recruiters are familiar with their work style and know how well they'll fit with your company culture and the position you're trying to fill.

You can receive help defining the position

Some bad hires occur because you don't have a strong job description for the position you're trying to staff. Recruiters at a specialized temp agency will discuss your requirements and offer advice on how to create a job description that attracts candidates with the skills and experience you need on your team. The agency can also help you determine if it's best to hire on a temporary or full-time basis.

You can evaluate an employee before making a full-time offer

Many agencies offer temp-to-hire arrangements. That means you can hire a lawyer, law clerk or legal assistant for a few weeks, or even a few months, and assess the candidate's performance before you decide whether to extend a full-time offer.

Even the best law firms and corporate legal departments make a bad hire every now and then. Establishing a relationship with a reputable temp agency can help you reduce the chances of making this kind of mistake.

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