Statistics Canada September 2017 Labour Force Survey Report

By on October 13, 2017 at 11:54am

Canada added 10,000 jobs in September, and the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 6.2 per cent. As revealed in the most recent Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey, this rate continues to match the lowest reported since October 2008.

Highlights in September

  • Gains in full-time employment (+112,000) in September were mostly offset by declines in part time (-102,000) employment. In August, there was a decline in the number of people working full time and an increase in part time.
  • In the 12 months to September, employment rose by 320,000 (+1.8 per cent), spurred by gains in full-time employment (+289,000 or +2.0 per cent). Over this period, the number of hours worked increased by 2.4 per cent.
  • Overall employment grew by 43,000 (+0.2 per cent) in the third quarter, slower than the 0.6 per cent growth rate in the second quarter and the 0.5 per cent growth rate of the first quarter of 2017.

Regional Highlights

Ontario led provincial employment gains in the month of September:

  • In Ontario, employment rose by 35,000, the fourth overall increase in five months, driven primarily by full-time positions. Although the unemployment rate was little changed in September (at 5.6 per cent), compared with 12 months earlier, employment was up by 170,000 (+2.4 per cent).
  • For the third consecutive month, employment in Quebec was also little changed. However employment rose by 54,000 (+1.3 per cent) in the 12 months to September, and the unemployment rate fell by 0.9 per cent to 6.0 per cent.

Hiring Trends and Career Tips

We’re full swing into fall, and with students across the country settling into their school year, now might be a good time for professionals to likewise consider integrating a little education into their own schedules. If you’re an employee, enhancing your skills with additional courses, seminars or certificates can give you the edge when it comes to negotiating a higher salary, or landing a new position. For employers, offering educational opportunities for your staff can be a key factor in attracting skilled candidates who want to grow, developing future leaders, and keeping morale and retention high.

As a professional, if you’re looking for a development opportunity that isn’t available at your company, or your boss doesn’t actively offer it to employees, build a business case to present to your manager. Be ready to show how your development will help the company. For example, could it enable you to assist with a new systems conversion or update your team on new regulations? Will it make it easier to collaborate with teams across the business?

Professionals want to work for a firm that will prioritize and support their career growth, and it’s in a company’s best interest to make it possible for them. Whether their budgets are spiking or diving, companies need to ensure they have solid professional development programs in place. It’s about more than designing a training curriculum or enhancing individual performance – education is a key competitive differentiator in recruiting and retaining talented staff looking to continually improve their skills.

Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey September 2017

SEPTEMBER 2017 Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey Report


October 2016 44,400
November 2016 10,000
December 2016 53,700
January 2017 48,300
February 2017 15,400
March 2017 19,800
April 2017 3,200
May 2017 54,500
June 2017 47,000
July 2017 10,000
August 2017 20,200
September 2017 10,000


October 2016 7.0%
November 2016 6.8%
December 2016 6.9%
January 2017 6.8%
February 2017 6.6%
March 2017 6.7%
April 2017 6.5%
May 2017 6.6%
June 2017 6.5%
July 2017 6.3%
August 2017 6.2%
September 2017 6.2%

*Source: Statistics Canada


10,000 jobs added

6.2% unemployment rate


272,800 JOBS ADDED



Wholesale trade:

10,500 jobs added

Transportation and warehousing:

9,600 jobs added

**Source: Statistics Canada – Seasonally Adjusted, October 2016 – September 2017


86% of Canadian workers recently surveyed said they wouldn’t mind reporting to a manager who’s younger than them.

Another 92% are comfortable with managing someone older than themselves.

Workers were asked: What’s the biggest challenge in reporting to a younger manager?


Different work ethics/values/expectations 27%
Different leadership/learning styles 20%
Different communication styles 13%
Different motivations/incentives 9%
Different ways of using technology 7%
No challenges 23%

“In our increasingly multigenerational workplace it’s not unusual for younger professionals to be in management positions. An individual’s performance, initiative and enthusiasm say more about a person’s leadership ability than tenure or years of experience.” — Koula Vasilopoulos, a district president for OfficeTeam

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