Is Holiday Shopping a Company Security Risk?

By on November 15, 2018 at 4:47am


Majority of employees plan on "workshopping" despite IT leader apprehensions

43% of workers plan to shop online from work this holiday season

How often do you plan to shop online from work during the holidays?

A few times a week 28%
Once a week 48%
Only on Cyber Monday 19%
Nearly every day until I finish my list 5%


What is your company's policy regarding employees shopping online while at work?

Allow access but monitor for excessive use 69%
Block access to online shopping sites 21%
Allow unrestricted access 10%

50% of tech leaders would prefer employees not shop online during business hours or visit nonwork-related sites on a company device.

What is your greatest concern with employees shopping online using company devices?

Security risks when visiting unsecure sites 61%
Loss of productivity 36%
No concerns 3%

Source: Robert Half Technology survey of more than 270 IT hiring decision makers and 500 workers in the United States

© 2018 Robert Half Technology.

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