How Productive Will Workers Be On Cyber Monday?

By on November 16, 2017 at 8:19am


64% of workers surveyed admitted to shopping during work hours on a company device.

16% of Canadian workers said they spent at least an hour shopping on Cyber Monday in 2016.

9% of workers plan to shop more on Cyber Monday this year than they did in 2016.

CIOs were asked, “Which one of the following best describes your company’s policy regarding employees shopping online while at work?”

46% You allow access, but monitor for excessive use
27% You block access to online shopping sites
18% You allow unrestricted access

Workers were asked, “Does your boss/company allow you to shop online during Cyber Monday?”

34% No
23% Yes
43% Don’t know

When do you do most of your Cyber Monday shopping at work?*

49% During breaks/lunch
30% Whenever I get a free moment during the day/I keep tabs open
18% First thing in the morning
2% When my boss is out of the office
1% During meetings/conference calls

Would you say your company is more or less flexible about allowing online shopping now versus three years ago?

18% More
73% The same
9% Less

In terms of “shopping days,” would you prefer a day off for Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

68% Black Friday Nov. 24
32% Cyber Monday Nov. 27

Source: Robert Half Technology surveys of more than 270 CIOs and 400 workers in Canada

*Multiple responses allowed.

*Results may not total 100 per cent due to rounding.

© 2017 Robert Half Technology.

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