Why Administrative Salaries Are On the Rise

By Robert Half on December 2, 2016 at 12:44pm

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If you’re wondering whether you’re keeping up with the competition when it comes to salaries, you need look no further than the recently released OfficeTeam 2017 Salary Guide. The upshot: Although some companies are still cautious about hiring, demand for administrative professionals in Canada is expected to increase in 2017 after some leaner years.

Canadian administrative professionals can expect average starting pay gains of 3 per cent in 2017. Hiring managers need to take this into consideration if they want to attract and retain the brightest administrative talent. To help you, we have summarized the four trends we expect to impact the employment of administrative professionals 2017:

1. Two to five years’ experience is the sweet spot

The most desirable candidates continue to be those with two to five years of experience. This level of experience is ideal because slightly seasoned candidates require less training but are also still open to growing and adapting with the company. Versatile workers who can take on hybrid administrative roles to address company needs are likely to get snapped up quickly.

2. Multiple offers are not uncommon

Talented administrative employees are becoming harder to find. To attract top candidates, hiring managers are competing to offer the best administrative salaries, benefits and other perks, such extra vacation days or the ability to work remotely on occassion. It’s not unusual for first-rate performers to receive offers from a number of companies.

3. Temp-to-hire and project staffing are growing in popularity

As companies expand to accommodate new business, they’re hiring more project-based staff. Some are brought in on a temp-to-hire basis so they can evaluate their potential for a full-time position.

Find out more about the surprising benefits of a temp-to-hire strategy

4. Education is becoming a priority

A college or university degree can make a candidate more desirable, and employers often give preference to professionals who have one. Don't have a degree? Candidates with expert multilingual abilities are in especially high demand in Canada!

Expect to compete more fiercely for office professionals who have the right mix of technical know-how, soft skills and experience. That means being prepared for tough salary negotiations with candidates you want to hire and star employees you want to keep. Our Salary Calculator can also help by determining starting salary ranges in your city.

For more help recruiting skilled talent, reach out to a specialized staffing agency. In this hiring market, you’ll want to stay ahead of the curve.

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