What Are the High-Paying IT Jobs for 2017?

By Robert Half on October 21, 2016 at 12:30pm

IT salaries will likely rise in 2017: Robert Half Technology projects an increase of 3.2 per cent overall in starting pay for the more than 75 tech jobs we track in our annual Salary Guide.

Technology projects and company-wide initiatives continue to drive the ongoing success of organizations, and that means demand for tech talent across Canada remains strong. Add in the fact that the tech industry has higher employment than other sectors, and hiring for many in-demand tech specialties will be a challenge. (Sorry, IT hiring managers.) 

Use our Salary Calculator to find the 2017 IT salary for your specialty.

Here are the IT jobs we predict will see the largest IT salary increases* in 2017, divided by specialty:

High-paying IT salaries in security:

  • Systems security administrators can expect a 3.6 per cent increase in starting pay over last year, ranging from $96,750-$135,250.
  • Network security engineers will see a 5.1 per cent increase in starting salaries over last year, with a range of $110,750-$150,250.
  • Information Systems Security Manager can expect a 4.9 per cent increase over 2016, from $120,250-$160,500.

High-paying IT salaries in data:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Specialists will see a projected 5 per cent increase in pay in 2017, from $81,750 -$112,000.
  • Big data engineers can expect 5 per cent more in starting pay in the coming year, ranging from $123,000-$158,000.
  • Data scientists will see a 3.3 per cent increase in salary in 2017, from $99,500-$132,000.

High-paying IT salaries in web development:

  • Front-end web developers can expect 2.7 per cent more in 2017, with starting salaries ranging from $77,000 -$102,750.
  • Web designers will see a 2.2 per cent increase over 2016, with salaries ranging from $79,250 -$109,000.

High-paying IT salaries in software development:

  • Software developers can expect 4 per cent more in starting pay in 2017, with salaries ranging from $85,000 -$128,500.
  • Software engineers will see a 3.9 per cent increase in 2017, with starting salaries ranging from $99,750-$145,000.

High-paying IT salaries in networking:

  • Wireless network engineers can expect 4 per cent more in starting pay in the coming year, ranging from $108,000-$141,500.

Get the latest IT job and salary trends in our Salary Guide.

*Please note that an IT salary can be impacted by demand for specific IT jobs, region, industry and a candidate’s level of experience. That means these ranges are accurate for most – but not all – IT pros.

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