Sick at Work

By Robert Half on October 20, 2016 at 7:31am


82% of HR managers say their companies encourage workers to stay home when sick.

50% Encourage strongly
24% Encourage somewhat
27% Neither encourage nor discourage
0% Discourage somewhat
0% Discourage strongly

87% of workers admit they've gone to work when sick.

Why employees went to work sick:

32% Felt well enough to work
32% Too much work/didn't want to fall behind
13% Manager would frown upon not coming in
11% Don't get any sick days
7% Other
6% Want to save sick time in case it’s needed later

The most annoying behavior by coworkers during cold and flu season, according to employees:

42% Not covering their mouth when sneezing or coughing
40% Going to work when sick
16% Not washing hands
2% None of these behaviors

Source: OfficeTeam surveys of more than 300 human resources managers and more than 300 workers in Canada.

Responses may not total 100 per cent due to rounding.

© 2016 OfficeTeam. A Robert Half Company.

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