5 Tips to Celebrate Employee Success and Improve Retention

By Robert Half on March 23, 2023 at 8:00am

Happy and engaged workers are key to a company’s success. More than 2 in 5 administrative and customer support professionals cite recognition as a top contributor to their job satisfaction, aside from salary, benefits and perks.*

Prioritizing recognition and celebrating the achievements of in-office and remote teams can boost employee morale and strengthen camaraderie, which can enhance job satisfaction and improve retention.

The Workplace is Evolving IG

The Workplace is Evolving

79% of hiring managers said the responsibilities for administrative and customer support professionals have increased with the shift to more remote business models.

87% of hiring managers said administrative and customer service professionals have more of a career-growth track compared to five years ago.

Source: Robert Half survey of more than 150 hiring managers who work in the administrative and customer support fields in Canada.

5 employee rewards and recognition ideas 

Not sure how to best show your staff members that you value them? Here are 5 ways to show your gratitude.

  1. Celebrate important milestones. Hold a virtual or in-person celebration to recognize achievements. Arrange for festive treats to be delivered to virtual participants.

  2. Publicize it. Acknowledge employees’ contributions in a certificate or an email, and copy key executives. Feature top performers in the company newsletter for more exposure.

  3. Give the gift of time. Consult with your HR and legal departments for this one, but given the okay, encourage team members to log off early on a Friday to show your appreciation for their efforts, and offer additional time off or extra vacation days for jobs well done. 

  4. Provide new opportunities. Ask employees to mentor others, and introduce new leaders to management. Promote from within and encourage team members to pursue growth opportunities in the company.

  5. Offer a monetary reward. Award a one-time bonus or financial incentive to individuals or teams who meet specific goals or metrics.

*Consult with your HR and legal departments.

Strategies IG

Strategies managers found effective in the last year to retain administrative and customer support workers:

83% -  Allowing employees to work remotely

79% - Accelerating promotions or job title changes

79% - Alleviating workloads (e.g., reassigning projects, hiring contract professionals)

79% - Expanding professional development opportunities

79% - Increasing compensation

78% - Letting employees choose their schedule

75% - Increasing recognition efforts

Multiple responses allowed. Source: Robert Half survey of more than 150 hiring managers who work in the administrative and customer support fields in Canada. 

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*Source: Robert Half survey of nearly 215 administrative and customer support professionals in Canada.

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